Prince Harry & Jill Biden’s Surprising Friendship

Prince Harry & Jill Biden's Surprising Friendship

Prince Harry & Jill Biden’s Surprising Friendship

oad meghan markle and prince harry one step closer to the oval office well sort of the duke of Sussex is said to be good friends with soon-to-be first lady jill biden yes really and royal fans are now hoping to see a double date with the pals and their respective spouses megan and president-elect joe biden harry and dr biden met back in 2013 when the prince was

visiting the u.s first lady michelle obama joined the duo at a white house event honoring military families and harry and jill reportedly bonded over their mutual connection to the armed forces during a speech jill reflected on her and joe’s now late son beau biden and what it means to have a child serving their country saying quote i feel a special bond with other

military moms i’ll never forget the day that beau deployed to iraq it was that mixture of pride and concern that military moms know all too well right having bo overseas was a tough year for our entire family but it was especially difficult for my daughter-in-law hallie my granddaughter natalie and our grandson hunter perry was enlisted in the army for 10 years

and served two tours in afghanistan before launching his invictus games which dr biden and then vice president biden have attended multiple times and they were pictured cheering alongside harry in the stands in 2017. president-elect biden even remarked on how well jill and harry got along joking to the guardian in 2014 that he was a little worried when

the british press kept referring to the blonde woman on harry’s arm meeting jill and joe also reportedly teased at the 2016 invictus games that his wife spent too much damn time with prince harry though royals are typically prohibited from

sharing their political views harry and megan’s exit as senior members of the monarchy has given them freedom to speak

out in recent months including megan’s supportive remarks to gloria steinem about vice president-elect kamala harris but would the former suit star ever pursue a role in government herself royal expert melanie bromley discussed the

possibility with access hollywood earlier this year could i see megan running for office it’s a it’s a i would have said a week ago absolutely not but now now i think the opportunities for megan and harry are endless and especially if they make this move and just allow themselves to be exposed to lots of different people lots of different possibilities as far as what they can do with their role now i think it would be difficult it would absolutely come with some criticism to have a political affiliation right the royal family are not allowed to be politically inclined but who knows what might happen and if not

megan and harry maybe archie like they are setting their son up to be somebody who is exposed to privilege and the power that comes with that but also exposed to normal life as well

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