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President Portraits: Glasgow photographer reveals secrets of US presidents

President Portraits: Glasgow photographer reveals secrets of US presidents

in a gallery in west palm beach Florida hangs an American picture story shot by a Scotsman and that’s the money shot yeah Harry Benson’s portfolio spans more than 50 years and every u.s president since Eisenhower the secret to this famous image of the Reagans was the soundtrack music supplied by the photographer nancy with the laughing face no great

prayer to news and she said oh my gosh my favorite song in the Clinton white house there was love and a hot temper I think the woman in love decent guy got a terrible tamper never showed it with me but he does the one I phoned called was Obama it wasn’t there was no every one of them wanted to know a little bit about you you’re not just some button

pusher he was cold of all the white house residents captured by harry Benson Donald trump isn’t among them not as president I told them I want I would like to go to the white house and photograph you at the white house because I haven’t seen any pictures of you there and he said no that’s fine but it also leads me up to use other pictures that I know he doesn’t like him grabbing money holding a million dollars when he opened his casino up I know he hates it shows

greed and he should have said yes for no other reason he’s known me for 40 years and i’ve done I gave him a lot of cupboards he won’t allow me that he says no to me coming up and taking a picture in the white house the story of an image problem in the white house not for the first time James Matthews sky news in west palm beach Florida

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