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Pregnant Emma Roberts Is ‘So Excited’ For Baby Boy’s Arrival

Pregnant Emma Roberts Is ‘So Excited’ For Baby Boy’s Arrival

i’m so happy i feel i’m so grateful that during such like you know a crazy terrible year that i’ve had something to look forward to and i’m very excited to meet the little guy emma jokingly blocked her mom on instagram in protest after her mom accidentally leaked her pregnancy before emma officially announced it so we had to know if they were back on good terms she’s unblocked but i’m i’m on strike from liking her photos but no she’s she’s thrilled that the story is out of the

bag because she’s gotten so many more followers she said she’s like all my all my friends are texting me even my ex-boyfriend texted me i was like oh i’ve made this worse and now that the happy news is out emma has been having fun embracing her pregnancy style to be honest it’s more fun to dress the more pregnant you are because the awkward in

between is the worst i’m wearing a lot of pink which is weird from having a boy i’ve mostly been in sweatpants obviously but i’ve tried to have some cute looks going on can’t let my whole pregnancy go by with just sweatpants but before emma was pregnant she attempted a famous dance move with co-star luke bracey for her new netflix romantic comedy holiday

nobody puts baby in a corner well i’m definitely not attempting the dirty dancing lift anymore at this stage um in my my pregnancy i think we should put a disclaimer like please don’t try this at a party at the beginning of the movie well i think the disclaimer is in what happens right i mean it’s just like don’t don’t think that you’ve got this in you because you don’t what girl doesn’t want her dirty dancing moment i mean honestly yeah

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