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pregnant Chrissy Teigen and her Husband John Legend at Emmy Awards

The pregnant wife of America’s favorite married couple was glowing as she attended the Emmys with her husband John Legend this year.
The first image that came to my attention when I saw their smiling faces embracing in front stage center at last night’s awards ceremony? The fact that he has one arm wrapped around her shoulders while gently rubbing up and down along side made me wish them all sorts wonderful things ahead!

The pregnant mother-of one looked radiant as she walked the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards, proudly cradling her small bump. The first time Since 2019 that it has taken place In Person!
The 36year old was all smiles while wearing heavy metal gold dress which had different colored patches scattered across its length – giving off an edgy vibe yet still maintaining elegance due to how formal they were dressed up compared other events where people might wear something more casual like jeans or pants just because you can go straight into dinner after getting awarded but here we see someone taking their award

pregnant Chrissy Teigen and her Husband John Legend at Emmy Awards

The couple’s delight was a pleasure to see after they went through heartbreak during their last pregnancy. In September 2020, Chrissy suffered an stillbirth with Jack but the two were open and honest about grief – taking some time before announcing current pregnancy via Instagram in August of this year

The pregnant Chrissy looked stunning as she arrived at the event. Her gentle belly and lush hair made for a beautiful sight, especially when matched with understated make-up that suited her style perfectly – no heavy eyeliner or mascara here! For accessories we had her signature pink clutch bag which held all of our essentials (including cigarettes) along side matching nail polish colors.

The singer’s face lit up as he placed his hand on top of John’s wife chrissy baby bump. Later during the ceremony, pieces by him played in memoriam for first time ever! It was taken from new album Legend and chosen because it has some amazing lyrics about how much love there is between two people who have been through everything life can throw at them but still stay strong together

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