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Post Election Leftist Violence is Coming

Post Election Leftist Violence is Coming

protests turned destructive in downtown seattle tonight there are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause that is a good cause we are living in many ways in a socialist society right now waves he understands that what’s at stake is the american dream itself the best is yet to come and that’s a scene from the great new movie trump card beating socialism corruption and the deep state joining us is the writer producer and director of the movie and of course best-selling author we welcome back the great dinesh d’azuza dinesh welcome you know i’ve seen your past works obama’s america hillary’s america and death of a nation this is not only in my opinion the best of them all but it’s certainly the most important of
them all you agree i agree it um the theme of this movie is socialism it’s based on my book united states of socialism that’s
the direction in which the democratic left is pushing my earlier movies are focused on an individual obama hillary clinton or the history of the democratic party but this is a movie that is ripped from the headlines biden family corruption it’s in there the deep state it’s in their media bias it’s in there and what the movie does is it put puts all the pieces together so
you can see how this crazy discredited idea of socialism which was tried in 25 countries and failed in all of them how is this idea made its way into the american mainstream it’s a real mystery and the movie unravels the mystery yeah and you could get it’s available on dvd you could download it at itunes amazon video and go to uh trumpcardthemovie.com and
you could find out exactly how to get it can you see us dinesh headed to let’s say scotland just passed a hate speech law that is so vague that they make it up as they go along if they don’t like what you say you get charged with hate speech even if you say it in your own home is that where we can be headed we’re moving in that direction even now before the election now give a small example these you know digital platforms all talked about trying to restrict hate speech we can’t let our platforms become you know engines of hate speech now i posted on facebook a simple tweet quoting joe biden saying that
antifa is merely an idea direct quote from joe biden out of the debate and facebook basically goes we’re limiting your wreath we flagged this post and their their statement was lacking context now first of all this is an absurd uh um thing to say because i’m directly quoting the guy what context is missing and the worst thing about it is i can’t call facebook i can’t talk to someone on the phone so you’ve got this mystery situation in which these goons are able to control the public discourse the first amendment exists so that participatory democracy can occur by having a free and robust debate of
ideas how can we do it when you’ve got these unelected thugs jack dorsey mark zuckerberg i mean politically they’re morons and you see jack dorsey testify it’s like pulling some homeless man off the street the guy is babbling apparently it’s like one hand clapping you know you cannot even have a conversation with these people i i know you’re absolutely right on that donation i want to play a small part of last sunday’s 60 minute sit down with kamala harris watch and is that a socialist or progressive perspective no no it is the perspective of of a woman who grew up a a black child in america all right first i want to give nora o’donnell the credit that she deserves she wasn’t having that obnoxious laugh how
dangerous do you believe kamala harris is to the life that we have come to know and cherish here in america well the point i want to make is the significance of that laugh is that kamala harris was expecting nora o’donnell to be sort of in on it it’s kind of like when biden said russia disinformation he knows he’s lying but he relies on the press to be even bigger liars than he is and so he knows it’s kind of like a wink-wink wink you guys are on my team i know that you know that and so it is to nora o’donnell’s credit that she presses on uh the laugh doesn’t really do the trick so yeah these people are
basically con artists uh they’ve gotten very good at it and they rely on the press being accessories to their racket all right we’ve seen violence return to philadelphia over the past week because of a police shooting let me ask you how fearful denisha you that after next tuesday or during next tuesday evening we’re going to see violence worse than we’ve seen before here well i think the left has been planning for it you see some social media posts about how they’re getting ready to disrupt washington dc take over the white house and so on so we have to be ready uh you know as lincoln was uh to to say listen you don’t get to subvert the result of a free election if trump wins a legitimate electoral majority you’re just gonna have to go in and bear it you can make the same constipated faces that wolf blitzer made and and jake tapper made in we’re going to be looking forward to that but that’s about all you get to do

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