Poll shows Trump trailing Biden with White women voters

Poll shows Trump trailing Biden with White women voters

with the election just five days away president trump and joe biden are both hitting the campaign trail in tampa as the fight for florida intensifies the president is trying to close the gender gap but a new cnn poll shows him trailing joe biden among white women voters by nine points a voting block that he won in his upset victory back in 2016. matt bennett is co-founder of third way and a former clinton white house deputy assistant lauren clayfie tomlinson is former deputy assistant secretary for strategic communications and public affairs at dhs thank you both for for coming on we appreciate it you can clearly see by that cnn poll the president seems to be struggling a bit with white women cnn goes on to write the following here you see it there joe biden up by nine points they write the following in yet another unforced era at a time when former vice president joe biden is crushing trump among female voters the president told the women of

lansing michigan this week to re-elect him because quote we’re getting your husbands back to work lauren this is a very important voting bloc for the president yeah it’s been a very important voting bloc for republicans for honestly like the past 70 years and republicans have generally done really well with white women what we see with president trump is trump still does really well with white women without college degrees which is very similar to what we see with male voters without college degrees where he’s losing gain is some of the suburban women and women with college degrees and i think he really is going to have to step up his messaging here because appealing to women and saying that we’re going to put their husbands back to work is probably not the right message especially when you have an administration who put out paid family leave for the federal government for finally they went out and have explored or given block

grants to the states for child care for low income so they’ve made some gains that really would impact women’s lives but they’re not communicating it she talks about messaging there matt the president comes back saying look he thinks he’s going to do very well with women because he believes there for safety for security and for law and order your thoughts yeah this has been the central theme of the campaign since the summer we saw that at the republican convention when you had those gun-wielding couple from st louis uh somehow trying to communicate to the women of the suburbs that cory booker was coming to kill them um it’s a ridiculous idea the biggest problem he has is not just his sexism as uh was on display in lansing but his response to cobit what what women are responding to is the fact that we have 80 000 cases a day we have a thousand people a day dying of covet and he is still denying it’s a problem he’s still saying we’ve rounded

the corner that we’ve got we’ve got it under control and they know that just isn’t true and they can tell in every possible way they maybe have lost somebody or have gotten sick themselves or a family member or their kids are home from school uh trying to learn remotely or they’re out of a job in every possible family in america is impacted by this and that’s why he’s hurting somebody and in fairness i don’t think he’s declaring that that it’s a problem he’s not saying that that covert is not a problem i think he’s you know he’s saying that he believes that we’re we’re going to get the upper hand on this and around the corner i want to move on if i can hear lauren because um you know switching up the wall street

journal op-ed karl rove says biden talks a lot about unity right talking a lot about unity but not about policy writing when mr biden unity is based on only one thing removing mr trump from office that may well be enough to get the former vice president into the oval office we’ll know soon enough but it’s unlikely to make his time there successful platitudes and vague incantations have their place in campaigns but presidents pay the price what do you think i agree with karl rove i mean joe biden’s strategy this entire time has been just to be the opposite of trump just to not be trump it is a referendum on trump and so he really hasn’t been out there touting some of the very detailed policy plans that he put out there for example his tax plan his support for uh the green new deal and his climate change plans a lot of things that he’s kind of either walked back or given very vague answers including the court-packing answer and so if he is elected all of a sudden

he is going to have to answer to not only his democratic base that is going to be demanding radical change but also to the republicans that he’s been trying to woo by not giving them specific policy initiatives and what he’s going to do as president and I think that’s going to be a really big problem for him because at some point he can’t just be trump he has to be Joe Biden and it seems to be a fair assessment matt because you hear a lot of political analysts saying that you know Democrats are not voting for Joe Biden they’re voting against Donald trump your final thoughts look this is a referendum election without question people are voting on whether or not they think that Donald Trump is a good

president but I will say this only one candidate in the race has a plan for health care and it’s Joe Biden only one candidate race has a plan to deal with climate change or to build the economy back when asked about it by friendly uh interviewers including on fox the president has time and again declined to say what he would do in a second term whereas Biden has a detailed set of plans so i think Rome is totally wrong well I haven’t seen that detailed set of plans yet uh talk about very much lauren uh matt great to see you both great conversations thank you

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