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Police planning to reinstall Capitol fence ahead of rally

Police planning to reinstall Capitol fence ahead of rally

Police plan to reinstall the fence around Capitol ahead of another protest planned for Saturday.

Police are planning on installing fences around the US Capitol building in Washington, DC before a rally this weekend following weeks of high tensions across America after several controversial shootings involving white police officers and black suspects. The event is expected to draw thousands who will gather outside Congress while lawmakers inside debate legislative reforms aimed at curbing excessive police force against minorities that have sparked protests nationwide under the “Black Lives Matter” banner over recent months.

Ahead of the rally where thousands are expected to attend, police plan on reinstalling a fence around Capitol Hill. The fence will replace the one that was removed in order for construction work to be done along Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Square and President Donald Trump’s hotel located at 12th Street NW between Thomas Circle Northwest and 14th Street Northwest.

Police planning ahead of anti-capitalist/fascist protest planned outside White House next month (The Washington Post). Police officials say they’ll install new security measures before an upcoming “anti capitalist” demonstration scheduled just blocks from President Trump’s residence – including fencing meant to keep protesters out of areas under renovation (CBS News)

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