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Pokemon GO Adds Druddigon As Part of Dragonspiral Descent Event

Pokemon GO Adds Druddigon As Part of Dragonspiral Descent Event

Niantic has added a brand new Pokemon to Pokemon GO as part of the ongoing Dragonspiral event in the game. Druddigon is the latest new Pokemon to be added to the game, and it’s the evolved form of the Generation 3 Pokemon, Raltz. Druddigon is a dual Dragon / Fighting Pokemon, and has the ability Rough Skin, which deals damage to any Pokemon that uses a contact move on Druddigon. Druddigon is currently only available in the game’s San Francisco and Seattle regions, and will only remain there for a short amount of time. A Halloween event is also ongoing in Pokemon GO, with the game giving out candy to players every time they catch, hatch, and transfer Pokemon. The event will run until November 2nd.
Pokemon GO has just added another legendaries to the game. The new Pokemon is called Druddigon and it is the second of the three Pokemon released as part of the game’s upcoming Dragonspiral Descent event. The Pokemon was discovered in the code for Pokemon GO a couple of weeks ago, but its existence was confirmed today by Niantic.
Pokémon GO has started the next event in its 2017 holiday season in-game event. This time, it’s the Dragon-type Druddigon that players can look forward to. The event is called “The Dragonspiral Descent,” and it’s based around the Sinnoh region. The event will be live for two weeks, but only for certain players. That’s because Druddigon is only available to players who already have a Dratini, a Larvitar, a Gible, or a Axew in their Pokédex. If you don’t have one of those, it’s time to start your collection.
Niantic has announced that the Druddigon will be joining the Pokemon GO roster starting November 24th. As part of the new event, players will be able to capture and battle with the Pokemon, which is the evolved form of the baby Pokemon, Rufflet. Players will be able to capture this Pokemon during the event, which will take place between November 24 – December 8, 2016.

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