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Philadelphia Doctor Provides Free COVID Testing To Reach Communities Of Color

Philadelphia Doctor Provides Free COVID Testing To Reach Communities Of Color

even as election day is almost underway, the coronavirus pandemic is still at the forefront of most americans’ minds. The country’s continually broken records this week alone for the number of coronavirus cases reported in a day. Right now, there are more than 9.2 million confirmed infections in the united states and more than 232,000 people have lost their lives. Now the surge in cases is being seen not just here but around the globe. Countries in europe are once again shutting down. Just yesterday, the united kingdom reached a million cases leaving the prime minister to declare a nationwide lockdown set to last at least a month. 42 states are seeing increases in covid cases, yet there are no signs of impending

lockdowns. That may change later today. In pennsylvania, where i am right now, we’re clocking more than 2,000 positive cases for the fifth consecutive day. Cases fifth consecutive day. A new research poll once again highlighting covid-19’s racial divide in the city. City the res that coronavirus had affected people of color and working class folks the most. Only 12% of white philadelphians know someone that has died from coronavirus. For black and hispanic residents that number is three times higher. Joining me now is a pediatric and general surgeon here. She is part of the black doctors consortium. Before i talk to you about this i want to indicate what a big deal this is. Deal this is. You are names one of 76 most influence influential people in thrill. You found that black residents were not getting access to testing and not

getting tested. So you said i’ll figure this out. I’m going to worry about the payment, and you worked it out.  i’m born and raised in philly. People were calling me ala i can’t get tested, i have symptoms. I showed up without a script and they turned me away. The co-pay was too high. I didn’t have a state issued i.d., i drove or i walked, and it was only drive up. And there was all of these reasons and excuses. So in essence i created a barrier free program to get no cost testing. I partners with lab corp to get the testing kits. I said you’re can’t get it, bill me later you’re not going to die for a $200 test.  the president says we have as many cases as we do because of all of the tests. increasing testing does not increase hospitalizations, the number of people on a ventilator ventilator, and it doesn’t add up. One in ten right now as we test

have coronavirus. That is not because you’re increasing testing. Sometimes they don’t have access to treatment available.  and by the way that doesn’t apply to anything else in life if you’re looking for breast cancer or pregnancy, you can’t do it without testing.  that is absolutely right. When there is no cure the most important thing that we have is testing and

contact tracing. And that is still not uniformly available to every resident in the united states. Particularly the african-american community. Still eight months later everyone who needs a test cannot get a test. so this may be a good example for us to think about how to deal with health care beyond coronavirus or in the next presidential election. What you just said about the access to testing applies to a lot of things with those groups, with people of color, with african-americans, with hispanicings, and poor people who are not working. having health insurance is only part of it. It is also that when they show up with insurance you show empathy and respect. You don’t treat them with your own implicit biteas, you get

to know what impediments they may have. Just having insurance is only part of it. We need to do better to understand the people who we’re serving. what do you think about the trajectory of this infection. That we’re getting more infections where they have done a better job of mitigation. And yet we’re still seeing this increase. Do you see dr. Fauci said we’re in for a lot more hurt in the coming months. Do you agree with that? i agree whole heartedly. What has to happen is

behavior needs to change. Every medical profession knows that is the hardest thing to change. It could stop with all of us if we socially distanced, watchedsh our hands, but we have to wait for a vaccine that will not be available for children right away, and that everyone will not be able to get immediately. So it is on us to change. Flatten the curve, get to containment levels, and it may double from 230,000 to 460,000 by february because americans need to do better. We need to accept the responsibility and know that the power is within us to decrease these levels.  thank you for coming out, thank you for spending time with us. Thank you for being here. Dr. Ala stanford is a pediatric

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