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Pfizer claims to have 90% effective coronavirus vaccine

Pfizer claims to have 90% effective coronavirus vaccine

A picture of the qr code at the bottom of the screen to get started.  sandra: the dow is set to open 15 seconds from now. It is expected to surge on positive coronavirus vaccine news. Watch the big board as it opens this morning. We’ll bring in maria bartiromo on this news. Pfizer and its partner announced that its vaccine proved to be more than 90% effective in their latest trials. Look at this. Almost 30,000 on the dow this morning with this news topping 1600 points the initial

gain on that breakthrough. Good morning, maria. good morning, sandra. Absolutely. When you see a move like what we’re seeing this morning on wall street, it just speaks to how desperate investors are to get any sign that we will get back to normal at some point in the way that we were living with restaurants and services, hotels, travel, airlines, all getting

back to business. All of those groups are soaring along with the dow jones industrial average up 1600 points. I will point out that pfizer is looking to get emergency oousiage — usage to try this drug and see wider usage by the end of november. When president trump first told us that he wanted to have a vaccine out in the market before the end of the year, very

much debate about that happened and people laughed at him and said there is no way this can happen. In fact we’re seeing this take place and markets are reacting. If we do in fact see this drug on the market and start to get distributed in a wide way, then we will continue to see some of these groups that were so beaten down because of the pandemic and

lockdown come back to life. Want to point out not only are you seeing a huge move in pfizer and the dow jones industrial average but the airlines and cruise lines up. All signals that investors are hoping this is the beginning of what will be more signs of getting back to normal. sandra: such a great point. Airlines are surging double digits. In some cases 25%, delta,

american, united, carnival cruise lines up double digits right now. It appears the market is reading this as the real deal. Not just the real deal, a best case scenario. I have three wall street analyst notes i’ve gone through this morning in front of me to see where wall street stood on this. Rbc is saying best case scenario hoping for 60% effectiveness rate. We’re talking

about 90%. Morgan stanley this morning saying this is a very strong report and then others say they would have been happen with 76.9% effectiveness. Fauci said he was shooting for 50 to 60%. 90% is blowing away expectations. I can also report that the u.s. stock market is now hitting a record high. S&p 500 at a record high on this news this morning. The timing is interesting, too. Here we are a week after election day, maria. we’ll see if it holds in terms of more buy-in that

we’ll see a vaccine get distributed. Remember, the next test is will people take it? For so long we’ve been talking about the questions around the vaccine and whether or not people are going to be willing to take the vaccine and go back to work and get back to normal. Certainly the signal and the message from the markets today is that this is happening and we will

in fact return. I’ll also point out some of the stay at home stocks like zoom, for example, which is up 200% since march of this year, is down about 15% today. All the stay at home stocks, they are trading lower on this news. >> sandra: of course, if the vaccine is available you can start to think about getting some of those people back into the office. Not just the s&p 500 making record high. Now the dow also making record highs this morning. Maria, we’re looking at 30,000 potentially

today if we see a couple hundred more point gain. The pfizer chainman and ceo on this news i will quote him directly. I think we can see light at the end of the tunnel. That is just amazing, maria. It’s also important to point out that pfizer’s trial was not part of operation warp speed. As “the new york times” report details this morning and quotes the head of

research for pfizer, that researcher dr. Jansen distanced herself from operation warp speed saying they did not take any federal money to help pay for research and development saying we were never part of warp speed. We’ve never taken any money from the u.s. government or anyone. It’s really interesting to take all this in, maria. the broader point is that once president trump made sure that getting a vaccine was a priority, told the world we’re working to get one in the market

before year end the entire pharmaceutical sector rose to the issue and started putting their own work on this on fast forward. That’s what you are seeing throughout. You don’t have these kinds of successes in some of the other names but certainly there has been high praise for things been high praise for things like the regeneron product, what moderna and

eli lilly. The whole point of getting into a speed where you want to get this as soon as possible was a theme throughout the industries. Whether or not pfizer is part of the warp speed and taking government money. >> sandra: i’m going through the details of the vaccine. You think about the timeline considering some of the stay at home stocks you are noting are

down during the huge rally, maria, what it means for getting people back to work and back into restaurants. Having people travel again. They are saying that the protection from this vaccine — this is after an interview with the head of pfizer — that the protection is achieved with the vaccine 28 days after the initial vaccination. So when you consider the

timing that it is going to take, maria, to get this out to market, get people vaccinated in any reasonable amount talking about the general population, maria, what does the timeline look like when you have so many people already have stay at homework orders well into the spring of 2021? >> well, i think it’s very important not to mistake the euphoria on wall

street for anything more than the wall street community is optimistic about the future. No one is expecting that we’re back to normal by the end of this year. Or that we are back to normal even in the first quarter. Again, we need to have this vaccine distributed and we need to have a willingness on the part of people to actually take it. I’m still on my same time frame that we aren’t going to see real normalcy until the middle of 2021 at a minimum. However, just knowing that the

vaccine is there, beginning to get available will do — go a long way in terms of creating optimism. After we get through the rally we’re talking about right now, we’re also talking about what is going to happen in the next two months with the two georgia senate races and the runoff situation going on on january 5th. That is going to be the market mover for this market. If you see the democrats take control of the senate, all bets are off for this rally. Then that will mean that if in fact

joe biden tries to push through some of those policies, the progressive policies of bernie sanders like $4 1/2 trillion of tax increases and big government program on energy, the green new deal you’ll see a sizeable sell-off. I think we can celebrate and have euphoria now about what’s to come with the vaccine but the importance of those georgia senate races

as far as wall street is concerned could not be underestimated. >> sandra: we know we’re expected to hear the task force on the part of the biden administration, the president-elect is he pekted to name names on the team. Transition team put on the statement after the vaccine. People still dying from covid and we need to take action on immediate actions and working on calling for a mask mandate. The reality for now and the next few months. Today’s announcement promises

the chance to change that next year. The task before us now remain the same. We’ll see what comes from that transition team as far as the coronavirus task force and who they will name to it. Great to have you here on this up next

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