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Pence speaks at ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’

Pence speaks at ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’

trump country now really it’s great to be here with all of you thank you so much for coming out you uh i can’t tell you how much of this presidency in arizona i can’t wait to tell them about this crowd it’s great to be here with so many friends as one of the strongest advocates not just for michigan but for everything that has always made america great join me in thanking congressman john mullinar thank you congressman it’s also great to be here on tour with a lifelong democrat he’s a leader here in flint we’ve got some good news again that he is supporting president donald trump for four more years joining me in thanking maurice davis vice president of the city council to say where are you cheerful maurice i’m

part of the vice thank president lord thank you so much thank you all for being here today it really is amazing it really is amazing look great i man you four years ago we inherited the military that was followed out by devastating an economy that was struggling to break out of the slowest recovery since the great depression terrorism is on the rise around the world we revive our economy he secured our border supported law enforcement and stood for life and liberty in the constitution of the united states i mean four years ago you believe we could be strong again you believe we could be prosperous again you said yes to president donald trump in 2016 and i’m here because we need michigan to say yes to four more years of president donald [Applause] trump [Applause] i think how far we’ve come because of the confidence

the people of it michigan starts with our national defense first obligation of the national government is to provide for the common defense and under the last administration with joe biden’s vice president we saw years spending to fuel their big government plan and i’m proud to report to you as your vice president but as the proud father of the united states sailors airmen marines and coast guard the resources and the support that they need president donald trump has signed the largest increase in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan but you know it’s not just been about supporting those who serve and their families it’s also been about standing with all the courageous men and women that put on the

uniform of the united states in fact i expect what a great patriotic thing this is if you wore the uniform of our armed forces would you just put your hand in the air and let me say thank you one more time you all remember especially our veterans joe biden was vice president we saw years of our nation i mean we literally had veterans in we fired 3 000 va employees that weren’t giving our veterans the care that you earned in the uniform and veterans choice is now available for every veteran in America no support for our national defense support for our veterans it’s just one more reason why we need Michigan to send a west point grad an army combat veteran and a man of leadership and quality to the united states senate we need to begin to send john James the last administration tried to tax and stand and regulate us back to a

growing economy president Donald trump created the greatest economy in American history and now in the midst of a global pandemic joe Biden wants to raise taxes by four trillion dollars and he’s got this two trillion dollars green new deal president had to remind him of in the first presidential debate remember you must have forgotten he was for it president trump, by contrast, we cut taxes across the board we’re working families and businesses we roll back more federal red tape than any administration in history we fought for free and fair trade we unleashed American energy and in three short years businesses created more than 7 million good-paying jobs including 112 000 jobs right here in the state of Michigan and wages were rising across the board in those first three years what meant the most to the president is the wages were

rising most rapidly for hard-working blue-collar Americans the forgotten men and women of America were forgotten no more you know when joe Biden was vice president America actually lost 200 000 manufacturing jobs you know I’m from just uh south of here in the Hoosier state just like Michigan thank you for that often in football you know Indiana michigan are very much like i mean we do two things really well we make things and we grow things right we’re marketing the world the last administration literally said the elites on the east coast and on the left coast often talk about our part of the country as the rust belt there’s i mean the last president actually said he was confronted with losing all those manufacturing jobs he said what magic wand do you have we didn’t need a magic wand we just needed president

donald trump in the land 500 000 manufacturing jobs created in our first three years including 17 000 right here in the wolverine state manufacturing came roaring back with less taxes less regulation fighting for free and fair and american trade first and here not too far from motor city the automotive industry is roaring back in michigan and all across america and right here general motors announced they’re adding 400 jobs in oakland county the fiat chrysler is already building a 1.6 billion dollar new assembly plant that will create more than 6 000 jobs in detroit maybe best of all last year gm announced that they’re investing 150 million dollars in their assembly plant right here in flint michigan you know that’s all that’s all a result of cutting those taxes and rolling back red tape it also has a lot to do with trade you know when we took office when we took office half of our international trade debts was with communist china 500 billion dollars a year we were losing trade with china joe biden he’s been a cheerleader for communist surrender is over we imposed cares

on china’s goods into the united states and we’re going to keep standing strong until they open their markets to u.s goods and u.s agriculture and respect private property rights of americans and you all remember nafta right here 25 years after nafta was signed into law we 60 000 factories closed in the united states and many of those jobs went south of the world michigan and america got a way better deal nafta is gone and the usmca is here to stay i mean the truth is the usmca i don’t know if you knew about this it might have been unintentional i don’t even have to be made in north america and 40 of the parts have to be made by workers who make the average hourly wage of workers in the united states of america we have taken the incentive a way to move jobs out of the united states it’s a win for workers in michigan and a win for workers all across america it is i’m not surprised the lady burned a uaw shirt started cheering for the usmca it’s a win for all the workers thank you she and i had a little bit of a debate over in salt lake city a couple of weeks ago senators voted

senators i mean 90 senators in washington don’t agree on anything but they did on the usmca but donald harris who was raided last year as the most liberal member of the united states actually voted against the USMC because she said it didn’t go far enough on climate change i mean you all deserve to know here in michigan that joe Biden’s running mate put her radical environmental agenda ahead of michigan jobs and michigan auto workers but i promise you under president donald trump we are always going to put american jobs in american workers first and then you got energy plays such an important role drives prosperity in michigan all across the heartland and this country i know you’ve heard of joe biden and colin harris over the last year have repeatedly said that they want to ban fracking and abolish fossil and fuels biden actually said in a presidential debate the other night and how good was president trump in that presidential debate transition from the oil industry i mean the president just said that’s a big statement you know i mean according to a 2017

study by a non-political group the oil and gas industry supports 160 000 jobs right here in michigan pretty easy fossil fuels but president donald trump has been a champion for american energy and american energy independence we’ve developed all the resources of our land and america is a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years you know when it comes to jobs and trade and energy president trump will always put michigan in america but on this economy you know honestly make no mistake thank you when you look at our agenda of less taxes less regulation free and fair trade american energy independence and you look at there more taxes more regulation economic surrender on trade less american energy it’s clear this election is a choice between a trump recovery and an abiding depression a nonpartisan study just came out last week said that joe biden’s economic policies would cost five million american jobs and that the average american family would lose 6 500 a year in income so in all the six days i want you to reach out to neighbors and friends here all across the state i want you to say i’m standing out in the cold mike pence showed up who do you really a

career politician with 47 years in washington raising taxes stifling the economy waving a white flag of economic surrender on trade or a proven job creator that’ll keep cutting taxes fighting for american jobs and american workers for a great american comeback in michigan and across this nation we need four more years of president donald trump in the lighthouse so it’s about our security it’s about our prosperity but here at home it’s also about the rule of more proud law be vice president to a president who stands every day with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement president trump and i know what you know many women who put on the uniform of law enforcement every day are some of the best people in this country and they deserve the respect of every american every day now the president and i will always support the right of peaceful protest it’s enshrined in our constitution but rioting and looting like we saw last night in philadelphia it’s not peaceful protest burning businesses is not free speech [Music] right never condemning people that were literally burning businesses to the ground i was in minneapolis a couple weeks ago and i met an incredible african-american woman named flora westbrook started a little salon in indianapolis 35 years ago built

it up with her sister she told me of the day a couple days after the killing of george ford she saw the violent protesters coming closer and closer and closer to until her burned it to the ground you know the truth is joe biden would double down on the policies that have led to violence in our cities i mean when you refuse to condemn those that perpetrate violence against our families and our communities when you when you start to withdraw support from those who protect and serve you only embolden those when he was asked funding for law enforcement joe biden actually said yes absolutely under president donald trump i’ll make you promise we’re not going to defund the police you know you and i know president knows we don’t have to choose between supporting law enforcement and supporting our African-American neighbors and friends and other minorities and families that live in our major cities i mean for the last three and a half years we’ve done both new police officers through the cops program when violence was taken over in major cities this

summer we launched operation legend and we’ve arrested more than 2 500 violent offenders working with local law enforcement and at the very same time i couldn’t be more proud that under our administration we saw the lowest unemployment ever recorded for african americans the highest funding for historically black colleges and universities we supported educational choice for families and 8 000 opportunity zones that are creating jobs in inner cities including the opportunity zone right here in flint michigan we’re going to support law enforcement we’re going to support our minority communities and we’re going to have law and order in every city in every state in america for every one of us of every race in green and color so help us god and in support of the rule of law i’m proud to report all the great michiganders gathered here we stand here today president trump has actually appointed more than 220 conservatives and they are all men and

women who will uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution like the freedom of religion the freedom of speech and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms 220 federal judges three supreme court justice amy coney barrett what a brilliant journey generations of women to step forward i know that the incredible character and life story and jurisprudence of as a justice of paranormal pride one of those young women is with me on this trip she’s my youngest she just graduated from law school and she is part of that rising generation of young incredible women who’s going to do great things my daughter audrey pence everybody you know when you think about the courts and all that we’ve been able to accomplish it’s been because of the strong support we got from the people of michigan it’s been because you have a president that kept his word to appoint principal jurors to our court to hold our constitution and it’s one more reason why we need to send john james to a renewed republican majority in the united states senate is just that important here in michigan you deserve to know when joe biden was vice president he saw a steadiest fall in the religious freedom of

america the last administration actually hauled a group of nuns in the federal court to force them to compromise their faith and live under the mandates of obamacare the leading democrat on the judiciary committee expressed the same religious intolerance that we’ve seen from so many she said she was concerned about judge barrett because of her devout catholic faith she said and i quote that the dogma is loudly within you and hollywood elites started attacking judge barrett and they’ve never stopped well i got a message for the democrats in washington and their friends in hollywood that dogma lives loudly in me [Applause] in you and the right to live and work and worship according to the dictates of our faith live loudly in the constitution of the united states of america under president trump we’ve not only appointed men and women to our course our religious freedom but we restored the conscious rights of doctors and nurses religious charities and organizations and it was president donald trump who ended the legal assault on the little sisters of the poor and the supreme court made it permanent president donald trump has stood for the freedom of religion of every american of every faith and we’re going to do it for four more years where joe biden and colin harris support taxpayer funding of abortion all the way up to the moment of birth i couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside a president who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life so an amazing first for a year because of the support of the people of

michigan in 2016. we rebuilt our military we revived our economy and none of that would have been possible without strong and consistent support of michigan’s republican delegation of congress so i gotta favor that right after you reelect president donald trump and send john james to the united states senate [Music] we need you to send congressman john mullinar to a new republican majority in the house of representatives and retire nancy pelosi once a republican we made america great again but before the very first case of a community transmission anywhere in america president trump did what no american had ever done in the history of this country he suspended all travel from china the second largest economy in the world president trump put the health of america first now joe biden joe biden said it was xenophobic he literally wrote a few days before the president’s action that banning travel during the global pandemic would make things worse joe biden got it wrong president trump got it right [Applause] the truth is the president’s decision at the outset to stand up the greatest national mobilization since world war ii we reinvented testing we thought of the manufacturer all

across the heartland of billions of supplies of personal protective equipment ventilators no american that’s ever required a ventilator has ever been denied a ventilator no one has ever required an icu therapeutics that are saving lives today and before the end of this year we believe we will have tens of millions of doses of the first coronavirus vaccine in the world i must say until that day comes that we put this pandemic in the past with a safe and effective vaccine we’re going to keep moving heaven and earth to make sure that our doctors and nurses all across the country have the resources and the support they need to give anyone in this struggle in this pandemic the level of health care we want a family member to have i promise you that we’re going to keep protecting the vulnerable we’re going to keep saving lives joe biden is talking about shutting down our country we are opening up america again i mean it’s amazing to think amazing to think on that foundation that the president forward those first three years and with the unprecedented support congressman john

mullin helped to provide direct payments to families direct payments to businesses to keep nearly 50 million americans on the payroll in small businesses after we lost 22 million jobs at the height of this pandemic we’ve already seen 11 and a half million people go back to work in the last five months including 600 000 people right here in michigan we are opening up america again so we’ve gone through a time of testing know you came out on this cold night because you know six days from now we’re coming to a time for tuesday the choice in this election has never been clearer stakes have never been hired i mean when you look at their agenda higher taxes open borders socialized medicine a green new deal we love you bad it’s true now joe biden says that democracy is on the ballot i think our economic recovery is on the ballot i think law and order are on the ballot but i also believe there are things more foundational you know in this election i think it’s not going to be so much whether america ends up more democrat or more republican or liberal i think choice in this election is whether america remains america it’s whether we’re going to chart a course for our children and our

grandchildren with a renewed commitment to freedom patriotism family faith and all the principles that have made this country great or whether we’re going to let joe biden and the radical left turn our nation toward an inevitable path for less freedom socialism and and for all the ideals that have always made america great michigan we need to decide right here and right now that joe biden will never be president of the united states we’re going to re-elect president donald trump for four more years you know uh four years ago when the president called me asked me to join this ticket i said make this country great again now let me tell you something let me tell you something some people think we’re a little bit different but we’ve gotten to be very close friend we’re at the white house we’re together for hours a day over the last three and a half years when we travel in different places we speak every day just like we did this morning now let over the last four resistance and opposition by the democrats in washington unfair and unrelenting attacks by their allies in the national

media there has never been a day gone by but i haven’t seen this president get up and fight to keep the promises that he made to the people of michigan now it’s our turn to fight for him it’s on michigan first and foremost i already checked here we need you to vote michigan vote to re-elect president donald trump to the white house can you take advantage of that early voting my wife and i just voted down in indianapolis a couple days ago president down in clark you need to go get it done clearance office 1101 saginaw street open 85 suite 201c and remember friends don’t let friends vote alone bring a neighbor bring a family member bring a friend and vote to reelect president donald trump to the lighthouse if you vote with a friend i want you to tell somebody all that we’ve accomplished it really is a moment where we’re going to decide for

our children and our grandchildren not just who will be in the white house the next four years but what kind of nation she said how would you describe your supporters and he said they are people who love our country so go tell your neighbors and friends that we have a president who loves this country and who’s going to continue to fight to put america first well i asked you to do that because i really do believe in a history-making election in 2016 here in michigan all across the the country powerful media in this country is newspapers social media the most powerful media in this country is airport and what we’re going to do to make this country great again for four more years and lastly you know in these um much more difficult over the last four years and this is the nation of faith everywhere the prince and i go without faith people reach

across the line and lower the voice a little bit i’m praying for them ancient words that america has been flown to through through much more challenging times than even we could possibly imagine that if his people who are called by his name will humble themselves and pray and turn that he’ll do what he’s always done in a long and storied history of this great nation he’ll hear from heaven and he’ll heal this land under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all so pray for america pray for all the american people thank you for supporting our president and this entire team i leave here today with renewed confidence that if all of us do all that we need to do over the next six days all across the great state of it was john michigan and a renewed republican majority in the united states senate with congressman john molinar in a new republican majority we will make america great again again thank you all very much god bless you god bless america now let’s go get it john michigan bye

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