Pelosi, Schumer stress importance of ‘crushing the virus’

Pelosi, Schumer stress importance of 'crushing the virus'

Pelosi, Schumer stress importance of ‘crushing the virus’

Have power when the president speaks his words weigh a ton and they’ve heard some things lately that are very of disconcerting but numbers. Have eloquence two yesterday our nation suffered a horrifying. One hundred forty four thousand new infections recorded. The eighth straight day of over one hundred. Thousand cases being reported more than sixty five thousand americans are hospitalized with covid. A few wrecked a new record that threatens to overwhelm

our hospitals and hospitals in rural areas particularly affected by the devastating menace milestone of ten million americans infected has been passed. One forty four yesterday eight day over a. Hundred sixty five thousand people hospitalized with covid ten million americans. More than ten million americans expected to more than two hundred and

forty thousand americans have died. More than twenty million americans are on unemployment american has a one million fewer teachers. Than a year ago. That’s why we keep saying on our heroes. State and local government where our teachers martin over 90% of their- budget come from here eight million people have fallen into poverty and seventeen

million children in america are food insecure. This is a rather low and all hands on deck but it should have been a long time ago. The president i believe that congress had ignored by delay distortion the nile death had been closed and what are they doing now continuing to ignore in spite of these numbers. That should be so compelling there are an imperative

for us to act upon this. Every kind of avoidance of taking responsibility. Has been witnessed every every chance that we had for testing tracing frequent mass clearance separation sanitation but science tells us to do. They have ignored their contempt for science and there can’t the stain for governance science as well mass government says that enforce that. Science governance that’s not what they’re about. That’s not what they’re about and what that is that an engaging absurd

circus. Right now refusing to accept reality republicans are shamefully pretending a proceeding. Without recognizing what our responsibility is and making it even harder to address the massive health. Health economic and economic crisis

that we’re facing. I delayed up. Ascertainment of the major harm caused to the presidential transition is something another subject right now we are talking about addressing the crisis the pandemic if we do sell scientifically we will be able we will be able. To open our economy will be able to open our schools safely will but to do so in a way. That

recognizes the tragedy that has befallen us in our country because of the republican denial. Of science and disdain for governance. Thanks stop the service. And get to work on what really matters to the american peace their health and their economic security with that i’m pleased to yield to distinguish. Democratic leader of the senate position. Thank you

madam speaker it’s good to be back now good morning. This is a great moment of great national challenge. Covid nineteen is searching small businesses are shuttering. Families are struggling people continue to lose jobs and not gain new ones. We just had a divisive and hard fought presidential election but instead of working but instead of working to pull the country back together. So that we can fight our common enemy covid nineteen. Republicans in congress are

spreading conspiracy theories denying reality. Poisoning the well of our democracy. The republicans should stop their shenanigans about an election that president trump has already lost and focus their attention on the immediate issue at hand providing relief. To a country living through the covid health and economic crises. When it comes to the election

republicans congressional republicans don’t have the evidence. They don’t have the proof they don’t have anything neither does the president. Conger compressional republicans are deliberately casting doubt on our elections for no other reason but fear of donald trump. These republicans are all auditioning for profiles in cowardice. So this morning i have a very simple message for senate republicans the election is over it wasn’t close president trump lost joe biden will be the next president of the united states comelec harris will be the next vice president of the united states. Senate republicans

stop denying reality stop deliberately and recklessly selling doubt about our democratic process and start focusing on covid. The republican refusal to deal with reality is hurting our country in many ways. Fighting the health crisis of covid improving our economy and not compromising on national security. It’s time to move on and get to work for the

american people and i want to be very clear with the american people the election is not in doubt. This is nothing more than a temper tantrum by republicans. Nothing more than a political pathetic political performance. For an for an audience of one president donald john trump. There is nothing this is nothing republicans like the two thousand election

when the president elect when the presidential election came down to one state. And the difference between candidates was only five hundred thirty seven votes. Joe biden’s victory in the electoral college and just been secured by several states where tens of thousands of votes. Separate the candidates joe biden leads in leads in wisconsin by twenty thousand

pennsylvania fifty thousand michigan a hundred forty six thousand. That’s the facts. Biden is one. Nothing republicans or trump can do will change that. All over the country legal claims by the president and his republican allies are being laughed out of court. The new york times called election officials from both parties in every state in the country not one

not one. Reported any evidence of fraud or irregularities. These frivolous lawsuits have less than a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. So let me speak directly to my republican colleagues in the senate. Once again joe biden has one now move on. And work with us to solve the covid crisis let us bring the country together and get things done. Every day is the

speaker mentioned. Hundreds of thousands are getting sick thousands are dying we don’t have time for these kinds of games. Working people are waiting for relief from the covid virus but republicans refused to take comprehensive action that meets the needs of the country. The heroes act passed in the house. Does meet this moment it doesn’t pick and

choose a we’re gonna help during the greatest health and economic crises in decades. It’s laser focused on healthcare issues that are at the heart of this pandemic. The heroes act does something that’s vitally strengthens medicaid and

improved access to healthcare coverage support for hospitals at a time when covid is raging. Health care money medicaid expansion should be at the very top of the list. These are the issues we should be discussing. And debating. And the heroes act should be the starting point. Not maca did bill that prioritizes protections for corporations and considers the needs of american families as an afterthought. Every day that goes by without the republican party acknowledging and

accepting the results of this election is another day. Are americans faith in their wonderful democracy declines. The longer senate republicans play the said game. Is the longer they are denying working families much needed relief from the covid health and economic crises speaker thank. Thank you mister later a yes indeed- heroes act has now for nearly

six months of been at a formula for crushing the virus. For honoring our heroes are health care workers are police and fire our first responders our teachers our teachers our teachers our sanitation transportation food workers people who

make our economy and our society work. As i said earlier over million teachers have already lost their jobs since last year. We need to help our state and local government they say from time to time- that that they want to do that but they we haven’t seen that evidence secondly. Secondly and this is almost sinful. Crushing the viruses the financial. The time of the

pandemic instead of crashing the virus they want to crush the affordable care act as was demonstrated in the supreme court the other day. And a very important point met among many others that the leader made about the expansion of medicaid. Many seniors that this is the middle income a benefit middle income family benefit. Many many seniors or and- long term care. 71% of that long term care is covered by medicaid so yes it is for poor children and poor families but

of overwhelming amount of it goes to help middle class families have long term care for their seniors again. Again part of the affordable care act on that not fully implemented by some states but again under siege in the court of law a on it up the- central issue of it. Access to affordable health care preventive care and protecting the pre existing condition benefit.

Which will go right down the drain but the president’s case in the court. So it there’s it’s hard to help what are they thinking are not using the word thinking loosely. People are suffering even before the coronavirus the affordable care act was essential not just to the people who got the twenty million more people that’s a blessing but the hundred fifty million families who have a private healthcare. At health insurance through their employment and who had increase benefits and bill as well as medicare the medicaid expansion so important. And the list goes on and on i won’t go through all of the

benefits except to say. That the over seventy five million people voted their health. Kathy formal kerak crush the virus so that we can open up our economy and a healthy way and it’s all doable alleges name on help helpful note. The news of the viruses at least one virus and perhaps another right on the heels. Coming out. Of that are very promising. And with high

levels of protection should give people motivation to do what is necessary to self quarantine to wear a mask at several. Because just it will only take a short period of time with many more people doing that to reduce that the incidence of the

virus. On the right as we go into the path. Of a vaccine the again the russia be hopeful but we have to be careful and we have to up under the science whether it’s about how we- how we embrace of that see. The vaccine will be the more his embraced the more effective it will be. A more effective it will be we need more of it called on the president of to use the

defense production act to make sure that enough is produced so that everybody is careful because unless we’re all protected that means in the world not just in our country. None of this is protected so on the health issue it’s just they

seem to have a mental block. To doing the right thing. A moral block for respecting what it’s doing to america’s families. As we l. Close with martin luther king said of all of the inequalities inequality of access to health care is the most in human because people will die any questions on the subway sticking with this subject today tomorrow i have my weekly.

Amicable and other things. Yes is fair to your position the koran. Leave has not changed since before percent worldwide before election that a fair. The. This you are up i that not change since before the election is that then plans all along to press the vice. On our- put money in the pot of the american people. W. The mystery saying well we have just made a light

touch on their language on testing no 55% of the language which addressed what we were trying to do for. People of communities of color so yeah i know what what that same place even more so. Thirty more so with the pandemic because look at these numbers. Look at these numbers that the protections of from the scientific community you know i’ve come

before you over and over again. Of some weeks ago with frank palong saying this is what we put in the heroes act to crush the virus why won’t they do it they were in their herd mentality hurdle immunity. Mood then. And i would justin is full one more thing. Okay one more thing given cold it is race. A number of hospitalizations the number of deaths. Is

increased it makes the health care provisions in the heroes act even more important and more vital that they be included. At the will call to pass. Doesn’t seem like this anymore after fifteen goals. In the senate. And other for your the thing in

the house workers in on board review movement or and the quality of the window phone. Exactly the case on wednesday i

think that the compelling. Awareness earlier. Four hundred and forty four thousand people yes. And these people are spread all over the country. The of pressure on. All over the country including in rural areas. If the of republicans want to be cold hearted and say they don’t care or is the president’s son said 1-002-002-5000 i think at that time that’s no big number kind of thing no every single one of this death. Is important to us we carry those people and our hearts. And they should be carrying one of conscience. For what they did not do. Since we passed the bill the heroes at. Over a hundred thousand more people have died. That could have been prevented so. Again you’ve heard me say a million times that

public sentiment is everything. And now that the prepaid people have expressed their views joe biden has one kamilla harris will be the first woman vice president united states i said to them if we don’t have mass last week they could see a- beaming of with that. Success what they had been proposing is very similar. To what we have. In the heroes act and we

just have to fight to make sure that if the republicans decide that they don’t care about the health and wellbeing about medicaid and what it means to people and their lives. At that the public will now. Which is. Before the head one more

thing. First mcconnell is sticking to his emaciated bill which she’s tried twice and didn’t get a republican vote. That’s sort of a non starter and then he said because we have a vaccine there’s even less need for a bill vaccine makes greater need for a bill but it has to be distributed fairly and equitably and there needs to be education that it’s healthy and everything else.

Second the biggest change since election day is that donald trump. Who is not for helping austin colvin who was against the heroes bill has lost. That was an overwhelming referendum by the american people. So yes we think there has been

changed it should move things in our direction we’re willing to sit down and talk they haven’t wanted to talk they seem to have stuck. To their position. You don’t okay. Joe biden that in this election was a mandate. A mandate to address the challenges that our country faces as well as to have a positive initiative on how to grow the economy in a fair way in order

to do that we must address the covid yet the pandemic the that is less this election was more a lot matter maybe more rep. On who can handle covid well than anything else donald trump for approach was repudiated the joe biden approach was embraced and that’s why we think there’s a better chance to get a bill in the lame duck if only the republicans would stop

embracing the ridiculous shenanigans that trump is forcing them to do that this of the you know when we in the election and focus on what people need. Three with was it. I wasn’t al gore but allowed to press legal to again george w. Bush and

for thirty seven days do you think the same of page should be afforded to president trump in his legal challenges that they didn’t say what dick cheney said at the time all in two thousand the delayed yesterday came across many difficulties the bush administration without spoke without spoken about the of the about what was happening in the country and as a

leader said this is a completely different situation with only about one state. Vp dick cheney said on november twenty seventh we will pay a heavy price for delays in planning a family the next administration and i don’t think i don’t think this the bite biden being having been out of the vice president of the united states the chairman of the foreign affairs.

Committee the chairman of the judiciary committee. He knows the territory. So he’s gonna be just fine and the transition. Is going to be just fine and transition it’s most unfortunate. That the republicans have decided that they will not respect the will of the people and then you just say. Like the house is burning down and they just refused to throw water on it.

But we are on a path now that if the vaccines which were coming out of the private sector actually the- of visor of vaccine coming out of the private sector show great promise. And that promise is just stay all the more reason to wear a mask self

isolate a self. Yeah a quarantine and let us work together to get this done i am a kid this is like a gift from god to come down and help. Your sure this pandemic not sure just. Prevent it from being spread and with the vaccine a to a not guilty against it and as we inoculate against the vaccine the against the virus we also should be inoculated against all the

injustices that are contained in how it is being spread and the rest thank you all very much. Thank you. In addition- bottom right. One of the few. Months. Not yeah right.

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