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Pelosi deserves $200M for San Francisco park, Dem says

Pelosi deserves $200M for San Francisco park, Dem says

The park in Pelosi’s district has been underfunded for years, and Dem Rep. Jackie Speier says that they deserve an increased budget to make sure the area is up to par with other parks across America. According to her, Nancy Pelosi does more than others on Capitol Hill do for our country as a whole, so she should receive special treatment when it comes time pay out taxpayer money – even if this means giving them $200 million extra dollars over 5 years instead of just what was asked by the Department of Interior!

Pelosi deserves at least 200 million dollars from Congress each year because San Francisco needs better upkeep/funding after being neglected by politicians who are not willing or able enough to give back anything substantial through legislation or donations.

Nancy Pelosi deserves $200 million for a new park in San Francisco because she does more for America than others in Congress, according to her fellow Democrat.

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