Payment of crores to Kashmala Tariq, Khawaja Asif Mehraban?

Payment of crores to Kashmala Tariq, Khawaja Asif Mehraban?

NAB obtained evidence of payments to Kashmala Tariq, Khawaja Asif transferred Rs 12 crore to Kashmala Tariq’s account.

According to sources, the payments to Kashmala Tariq were made by Khawaja Asif’s frontman through which huge amount of money was deposited in Kashmala Tariq’s account twice.

Khawaja Asif’s frontman deposited Rs 70 million in January 2015 while Kashmala Tariq withdrew Rs 10 million five times in May 2015.

In September 2015, Rs 50 million was deposited online in Kashmala Tariq’s account, after which she withdrew Rs 3 crore in March 2016. Kashmala Tariq withdrew Rs 4 crore in August 2016.

According to sources, Kashmala Tariq had a joint account with Farida Yasin. Kashmala Tariq transferred large sums of money to Punjab Enterprises twice. Punjab Enterprises is registered in the name of Khawaja Asif’s frontman Javed Warraich.

What has Kashmala Tariq got to do with Punjab Enterprises? The NAB has launched an investigation in this regard.

Kashmala Tariq was appointed to an important post in the federation during the PML-N era. Kashmala Tariq is also holding the same post in the PTI government.

Khawaja Asif is in the custody of NAB in the case of disproportionate assets while NAB has not summoned Kashmala Tariq for questioning.

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