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Parsing Polis’ talk about taxes

Parsing Polis’ talk about taxes

Parsing what Polis had to say about taxes, it is clear that he has an interesting stance on tax reform. He went into detail by discussing the benefits of a flat income tax and its effects when combined with eliminating loopholes. This would close inefficiencies within our current system which could potentially increase GDP growth up to 5%. However this may not seem like much but if you consider how many people are employed for these jobs then there will be more money circulating back into the economy through their wages or business revenue giving them less incentive for off-shore work etc..

In a talk about taxes, Polis argued that the government should increase its spending on education and social security. He also stated his support for legalizing marijuana.

In a recent TED Talk given by Jared Polis, he argues in favor of increased funding to public services like education and Social Security; as well as legalization efforts surrounding recreational usage of Marijuana (both medical use cases included).

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