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Kim Kardashian West “Ended” With Having a Child

Kim Kardashian West “Ended” With Having a Child

Kim Kardashian West ended her pregnancy with a daughter.
Celebrity news source TMZ announced that Kim, who is already mom to Saint andChicago 2 among other children on social media channels including Instagram , has given birthto another little one: Chicago 3! The 36-year old tweeted aboutthe joyous event along side snapshotthat showed off baby bump in yellow bikini while holding onto black phone .

Kim Kardashian West became a mother again. She revealed the news in an Instagram post on Friday, June 29th which announced that she gave birth to her third child with husband Kanye West – ending years of speculation about whether or not they would expand their family any more!

Kimmy broke fans’ hearts when she ended things between them earlier this year but now it seems like everything will be sunshine and rainbows for these two because according tthe newest photo from Kim posted , baby number three arrived weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces at– another healthy boy!!!

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