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Pakistan’s surprise operation “Swift Retart” completed 2 years

Pakistan’s surprise operation “Swift Retart” completed 2 years

Surprise Day, the day of the hawks, on February 27, 1919, the brave grandsons of the Pakistan Air Force smashed both the plane of the Indian pilot and the pride of Narendra Modi.

The brave grandsons of Pakistan Air Force not only shot down the Indian plane but also made Nandan a fan of Pakistani tea. India does not remember Operation Swift Retart.

The grandchildren of Pakistan hoisted the flag of the motherland, the Indian pilot just caught Nandan and released him in good spirits and the Indian pilot just became Nandan Pakistani tea maniac.

The memorable conversation between Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan warmed the blood. Brave Sput of Pakistan Air Force says people should be satisfied. The defense of airspace is in strong hands.

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