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Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts Get Refreshed Kanto Designs

Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts Get Refreshed Kanto Designs

It’s no secret that the Pokemon craze is still going strong. The franchise was just a few months away from celebrating its 20th anniversary when Pokemon Go was released, and the company’s stock has never been higher. But that doesn’t mean all of the good ideas are already out there. Apparel retailer Original Stitch is trying to take advantage of the craze by releasing pokemon-themed clothing and accessories. The Dallas-based shop has done an excellent job of staying true to the designs from the Kanto region, even going so far as to recreate the original graphics from the Game Boy games.
If you’re into Pokemon, Original Stitch has some new shirts for you. In a mashup of Pokemon Go and Kanto, their latest Pokemon shirts have six new designs that pay homage to the original Pokemon games. Original Stitch’s new Pokemon Go Kanto shirts are available in three different styles and are priced at $30 each. They’re available for men and women in racerback and tank top styles, and for men in a crew neck style. The shirts come in standard and premium fabrics, with the premium shirts being a heavier cotton and pre-shrunk.

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