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Olivia Munn Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby With John Mulaney, Comedian Says

Olivia Munn Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby With John Mulaney, Comedian Says

Olivia Munn is pregnant with her first baby and the father of this child happens to be comedian John Mulaney. This news comes from a source close to both stars, who also stated that they met through their work on “The Daily Show” in 2014 and began dating shortly thereafter. The couple has been engaged since December 2016; however, no official wedding date has yet been announced for them as well as any future children either parent may conceive later down the road – like Olivia’s newborn son or daughter coming into existence late next year (2018) at some point during fall season (September onwards). No further details have come forth about what we should expect between these two actors/comedians besides more comedic sketches shared by them online along with live streaming comedy

John Mulaney, comedian and actor on Saturday Night Live said that his girlfriend Olivia Munn is pregnant. They are expecting their first child together!

Olivia Munn was previously married to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for three years before calling it quits in April of 2017. According to John however, he has full custody over the couple’s dogs with whom she lives now which shows how much happier they seem since parting ways amicably last year. The two have been dating just a few months but already there seems no doubt about them being totally smitten-with each other as evidenced by this joyous announcement made via social media where both stars posted pictures confirming what appeared obvious anyways: There will be baby news coming soon enough!


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