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Obama holds early vote drive-in rally

Obama holds early vote drive-in rally

be on a full scholarship i’m lucky that i’m the vice president of the student body and i’m lucky that i’m the first person in my family to attend college okay i’m a regular college student though i like to watch anime i like to listen to hip-hop and i love to spend time with my friends i love the life that i live i’m grateful to everyone that has given me a hand and supported me on my journey to get to where i am here but before i was a college student before i was as lucky as i was i was just a young boy from griffin park housing projects that’s only about a 15-minute walk down that way i was born and raised in orlando and i grew up right here in the parramore neighborhood with a single mother and four siblings and

growing up in this neighborhood it wasn’t always easy i’ve had too many friends who never graduated high school or that ended up sticking with the wrong crowd or friends that made just one mistake and they sadly just haven’t been able to recover yet i’ve had to overcome a lot of adversity but thanks to the paramore kids zone i found some incredible mentors that have helped me out and live up to my full potential and helped me see more of the world than i ever thought i’d be able to see but the truth is everyone deserves the same opportunities that i have had and well we are way past the point of wondering when is change going to come and if it does come will we see it in time i know that it will come and a

presidential candidate who has a plan to move this country forward and lift everyone up is joe biden okay y’all can see me i’m young i’m a part of generation z and when i think about a platform and the ideas that joe biden is running on i feel hopeful i know that i’m voting for is the best opportunity to change our world if you care about racial justice i need you to get out and vote for joe biden if you care about beating this pandemic i need you to go out and vote for joe biden if you believe that health care is a right for everyone like joe does i need you to get to the nearest voting site and vote for joe biden when you get out and vote please recognize that you’re not just voting for yourself when i vote i’m voting for the

kids in my neighborhood who just want a fair shot at life i’m voting to invest in our schools and i’m voting to bring good paying jobs into the neighborhoods around us in this part of town i’m voting for faces that i will never see and names that i will never hear or know orlando i love this community i love us i believe in us we can change the direction that this country is going on every issue that matters to us and that is the power of a vote so with just a week to election day i need you to make a plan to vote early now this isn’t one of those assignments that i’m gonna turn in last minute i know my plan to vote tomorrow when i’m back in gainesville i’ll be voting early yes an assignment done early for joe biden in the right

student union’s early voting site and you better believe i’m bringing my friends with me the whole squad period i don’t know if i will ever live through an election as important as this one so orlando i want you to listen carefully to our next speaker this is a man who has inspired me to believe in myself and to have dreams and then dream bigger than those dreams he’s got a great spotify playlist that i suggest y’all check out and he’s always had our back while i was too young to vote for him way back in the day i’m proud to be voting for his vice president orlando please welcome the 44th president of the united states barack obama hello orlando oh this is a good-looking crowd here thank you so much can everybody

please give lordan a big round of applause for that great introduction what an outstanding young man now it is good to be back here in florida i don’t know if we’ve got any uh tampa bay rays fans here in orlando big game tonight it’s do or die time now the last time the rays were in the world series in 2008 florida sent me to the white house now the rays fell just a bit short then but here in florida democrats felt a little bit short in 2016 also over the next couple of weeks florida you’ve got the chance to fix two mistakes you’ve got the chance to set two things right you can bring a world series championship to the sunshine state and you can send joe biden and kamala harris to the white house we got one week orlando one week

si se puede one week until the most important election of our lifetimes and you don’t have to wait until next tuesday to cast your ballot you’ve got two ways to vote right now number one you can vote early in person right now number two you can vote from home with a mail-in ballot do not don’t wait put it in the mail or drop it off at a dropbox location today don’t take any chances just get it done just go just go to iwillvote.com to find out where you can early vote in person or drop off your ballot if you’ve already voted how many how many of you borrowed any voter if you’ve already voted then your job is to go help your friends and family make a plan to vote because this election requires every single one of us and

what we do this week will matter for decades to come now i’ve sat in the oval office with both of the men who were running for president and just in case you couldn’t tell they’re very different people i didn’t think that donald trump would embrace my vision or my policies but i did hope for the country’s sake that he might show some interest in taking the job seriously but he didn’t he hasn’t shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends or treating the presidency as anything more than a reality show that can give him the attention that he craves and he does crave attention this week with everything that’s happening you know what he brought up he was fussing about

the crowd size at the inauguration again saying his was bigger i who who who is thinking about that right now nobody except him but the rest of us have had to live with the consequences more than 225 000 people in this country are dead more than a hundred thousand small businesses have closed half a million jobs are gone in florida alone think about that and what’s his closing argument that people are too focused on covet he said this at one of his rallies kovit kovetkova he’s complaining he’s jealous of kovid’s media coverage if he had been focused on covid from the beginning cases wouldn’t be reaching new record highs across the country this week if we were focused on covid now the white house

wouldn’t be having its second outbreak in a month the white house let me say this i lived in the white house for a while you know it’s a controlled environment you can take some preventive measures in the white house to avoid getting sick except this guy can’t seem to do it he’s turned the white house into a hot zone some of the places he holds rallies have seen new spikes right after elise town and over the weekend his chief of staff said and i’m quoting here i’m not making this up his chief of staff on a news program says we’re not going to control the pandemic he just said this yes he did and yes we noticed you’re not going to control the pandemic listen winner is coming they’re waving the white flag of surrender

florida we can’t afford four more years of this that’s why we’ve got to send joe biden to the white house because we cannot afford this kind of incompetence and disinterest 12 years ago when i chose vice president i didn’t know joe all that well we served in the senate together i noticed by the way one of my great friends ben nelson bill nelson c i i haven’t seen bill in a while so that’s why plus he’s wearing a mask but one of one of the great senators from from florida and joe and i served together with him and you know i had a lot of friends in the senate but joe and i wasn’t the closest person but he and i came from different places we came from different generations but i quickly came to admire joe as a man who learned

early to treat everybody he meets with dignity and respect and bill will testify this joe somebody who lives by the words his parents taught him no one’s better than you joe but you’re better than nobody he believes everybody counts he believes everybody’s important and that empathy that decency that belief in other people that’s who joe is and that’s who he’ll be i can tell you the presidency doesn’t change who you are it reveals who you are and joe time and time again has shown himself to be a man of principle and character and he’s going to be a great president for eight years joe was the last one in the room whenever i faced a big decision he made me a better president and he’s got the character and the

experience to make us a better country and he and kamala are going to be in the fight not for themselves but for every single one of us listen you’ve got a president right now he wants full credit for an economy that he inherited he wants zero blame for the pandemic he ignored but you know what the job doesn’t work that way you’ve got to be responsible 24 7. you got to pay attention 24 7. tweeting at the tv doesn’t fix things watching tv all day doesn’t fix things making stuff up doesn’t fix things you’ve got to have a plan if you want to make people’s lives better you’ve got to put in the work if you want to make people’s lives better and along with the experience to get things done joe biden has concrete plans and he’s

got concrete policies that will turn our vision of a better fairer stronger country into a reality look here’s the truth the pandemic would have been challenging for any president but this idea that somehow this white house has done anything but completely screw this thing up is nonsense south korea had its first case of kovid at the same time the same week as the united states do you know that their per capita death rate is just 1.3 of what ours is think about that statistic i’ve i’ve given this statistic a couple times and and people haven’t really focused on it the number of people in korea who have died of kovid per capita is one at less than one and a half percent what our death rate is that’s thousands and thousands

of people if we had been as effective and responsible whose lives would have been saved in this country just across the border in canada the death rate per capita is 39 percent what ours here is in the united states we are the largest the wealthiest most powerful country on earth and we cannot somehow get a grip on this because our government hasn’t been doing its job last week when our and last week when trump was asked if he’d do anything differently you know what he said he said not much not much really not much you can’t think of anything that you might be doing differently like maybe you shouldn’t have gotten on tv and suggested we might inject bleach to cure kovid that’s not something you said

you know maybe i shouldn’t have said that not much think about how hard the tourism industry has been hit right here in orlando right here in florida you lost one spring training season already and he can’t think of doing anything differently joe takes this seriously he knows the emotional toll on grandparents when they can’t see and hug their grandkids he’s not going to screw up testing he’s not going to call scientists idiots he’s not going to host super spreader events at the white house and then take it on a tour all across the country joe will get this pandemic under control with a plan to make testing free and widely available he’s going to get a vaccine to every american cost free and he’s going to make sure our frontline

heroes never have to ask other countries for the equipment that they need to keep themselves safe his plan will guarantee paid sickly for workers and parents affected by the pandemic he’s going to make sure that small businesses that hold our communities together and employ millions of americans can reopen safely and he understands that we’re not going to rebuild the economy and put people back to work until we get this pandemic under control it’s not that complicated donald trump likes to claim he built this economy but i just want to remind you that america created 1.5 million more jobs in the last three years of the obama biden administration than in the first three years of the trump pence

administration that’s a fact look it up and that was before trump could blame the pandemic he in fact inherited the longest streak of job growth in american history but just like everything else he inherited he screwed it up the economic damage that he inflicted by botching the pandemic response means he will be the first president since herbert hoover to actually lose jobs first president since herbert hoover back in the 30s that’s a long time people that’s almost 100 years ago he loves to talk about black unemployment look how low black unemployment well you know what unemployment was really high when i came in and we brought that unemployment low and it kept on going low and he wants to take credit

for it says he’s the best president for black folks since abe lincoln man now his advisors are out there saying including his son-in-law his son-in-law says black folks have to want to be successful that’s the problem who are these folks what history books do they read who do they talk to don’t read is that what is going on black unemployment hit almost 17 during the great recession 10 years ago and through a lot of hard work joe biden and i helped get it down and it kept on going down not because trump did anything and then this year because they’ve screwed up the pandemic response it soared back up to above 17 here in florida but it doesn’t have to be that way florida if you go out and vote yes we can listen

the only people truly better off than they were four years ago are the billionaires that got trump’s tax cuts in the meantime he has not been able to manage extending relief to millions of families who can’t pay the rent right now can’t put food on the table right now got no plan to reopen schools that need reopening or protecting teachers in the process you know i don’t understand how it is that he cannot organize republicans in congress to do the right thing and it’s not like it’s his money that we’re asking to pay because he doesn’t pay taxes pays income taxes we know he’s got a secret Chinese bank account so he’s he he may be paying taxes to the Chinese but he’s not paying taxes here the first year in the white house only

paid 750 in taxes in federal income taxes 750 dollars can you imagine that i mean teachers pay more than that you know social workers pay more than that in taxes huh soldiers folks folks in uniform pay more in taxes than that so how are you living large and you’re not willing to to do the right thing to make sure that we’re able to pay for quality schools for our kids to provide veterans benefits for those who’ve earned them joe biden has a plan to create 10 million good clean energy jobs right here in america it’s part of his plan to protect florida from climate change and secure environmental justice and he’s going to pay for it by rolling back those tax cuts to billionaires and the thing is joe doesn’t just want to get back to

where we were he finally wants to make some long overdue changes so that our economy actually makes life a little easier for everybody the waitress trying to raise a kid on her own the student trying to figure out how to pay for next semester’s classes the shift worker who’s worried about maybe being laid off the cancer survivor who’s worried that her pre-existing conditions might prevent her from being able to get coverage and speaking of health care by the way you may have noticed republicans love saying right before an election how they’re going to protect people who have pre-existing conditions have you noticed that well you know what joe and i actually protected them 10 years ago with the affordable

care act and you know those same republicans who say they’re going to protect them somehow they have tried to repeal or undermine the affordable care act more than 60 times and each time they try to repeal it they say oh we’ve got a great replacement it’s coming it’s everybody’s a little young here but you you guys remember papa i remember that guy who always needed to borrow some money for a hamburger they said don’t worry i’m going to be paying you back sometime soon that’s like republicans with health care they always say it’s coming soon we’re going to be paying you back with a great replacement plan but that new that two weeks has been 10 years coming now for the last 10 years every two weeks

they say we’re going to have a great health care plan you know where it is because i don’t the reason they don’t have a plan is because a plan doesn’t exist they’ve never had one they’ve instead attacked the affordable care act at every turn driving up costs driving up the uninsured now they’re trying to get the supreme court to take away your health care right now as quickly as they can in the middle of a pandemic with nothing but empty promises to take its place think about what that would do to families right here in florida florida has the highest enrollment under the affordable care act of any state in america last week trump flat out said he hopes the supreme court takes your health insurance away set it out loud

don’t boo vote and last night he installed the supreme court justice who he hopes will help him do it don’t boo vote florida this is serious and joe and kamala will protect your health care they will expand medicare they’ll make insurance more affordable for everybody because joe knows that a president’s first job is to keep us safe from all threats foreign domestic and microscopic when the daily intelligence briefings flash warning lights about a virus the president can’t ignore it can’t be too lazy to read the briefing when russia puts bounties on the heads of our soldiers in afghanistan the commander-in-chief can’t be m.i.a missing in action joe biden would never call the men and women of our military suckers or losers

because they’re willing to sacrifice their lives on behalf of the american people joe biden understands those troops are somebody’s kids somebody’s dad somebody’s mom somebody’s husband somebody’s wife’s somebody’s father or mother and joe biden understands that there is glory and goodness in being willing to sacrifice on behalf of others something that apparently this administration just doesn’t comprehend our current president he whines that 60 minutes is too tough you think he’s going to stand up to dictators he thinks leslie stalls a bully just yesterday just yesterday he said that putin of russia she of china and kim jong-un of north korea want him to win we know we know because you’ve been giving them

whatever you want for the last four years of course they want you to win that’s not a good thing you shouldn’t brag about the fact that some of our greatest adversaries think they’d be better off with you in office of course they do what does that say about you i mean think about that why are you bragging about that come on and that doesn’t make any sense joe biden wouldn’t cuddle dictators he’ll promote human rights around the world including in cuba joe will restore our battered standing around the world because he knows our true strength comes from setting an example that the world wants to follow nation that stands with democracy not dictators a nation that can inspire and mobilize others to

overcome threats like climate change and terrorism and poverty and disease and here’s one other thing joan kamala when they are in office they’re not going to have you’re not going to have to think about them every single day you’re not going to have to worry about what crazy things they’re going to say what they’re going to tweet they’re just going to be too busy doing the work it just won’t be so exhausting you’ll be able to go about your lives knowing that the president’s not going to retweet conspiracy theories about secret cabals running the world or suggest i mean listen our president of the united states retweeted a post that claimed that the navy seals didn’t actually kill bin laden think about that and we act like well

okay it’s not okay we’re not gonna have a president when joe biden’s in office that goes out of his way to insult people just because they don’t support him he’ll be a president for all people including people who didn’t vote for him because he knows that’s the job of being president i i mean we’ve gotten so numb to what is bizarre behavior we have a president right now who lies multiple times a day and this is not my claim i even fox news sometimes says well what he says isn’t really true he didn’t mean it it’s not normal behavior we wouldn’t tolerate it from a co-worker we wouldn’t tolerate it from a football coach we wouldn’t tolerate it from a a high school principal we we i mean we might have to put up with it if it was a family member but we talk about him afterwards even florida man wouldn’t be doing some of this stuff why would

we accept it from president of the united states and you know what i mean sometimes it’s almost too easy to make fun of it but it’s serious there are consequences to his actions if he was just on jerry springer or something you know you’d say well but but this is this is the most powerful office on earth and when people see the president doing things like that it emboldens other people to be mean and cruel and divisive and racist and it frays the fabric of our lives it affects the way our children see things when we tell our children to tell the truth and then we have the person in the highest office in the land who doesn’t seem capable of doing so that undermines our society it affects the way our families get along it affects the way the world looks at america and it distracts from the truly destructive actions that his cronies are doing all across

the government as we speak actions that affect your lives you’ve got the environmental protection agency that’s supposed to protect our air and our water it’s run by an energy lobbyist that gives polluters free reign to dump unlimited poison into our air in our water it’s not right it ain’t right the labor department that’s supposed to protect workers it’s run by a corporate lobbyist who’s declared war on workers trying to gut protections to keep essential folks safe during a pandemic making it easier for big corporations to steal their wages the interior department that’s supposed to protect our public lands our wilderness the everglades it’s run by an oil lobbyist who’s just fine with selling them to the highest bidder you’ve got an education department run by a billionaire who has got gutted rules designed to protect students from

getting ripped off by for-profit colleges and that is stiff-arming students looking for loan relief in the middle of an economic collapse you’ve got the person who runs medicaid trying not to get more people onto medicaid so they’ve got better health care but to kick more people off of medicaid come on it ain’t right so what are you going to do about it you got to vote you’ve got to vote when joe and kamala when joe and kamala are in charge they’re not going to surround themselves with hacks and lobbyists they’re going to surround themselves with qualified public servants who actually are serious about doing their job who are looking out for you for your job your family your health your communities your planet and that more than anything is what separates them from their opponents they actually care about you they

actually care about every american and they’re going to be fighting on your behalf every single day they’re not going to get everything right every time they’re not going to solve every problem right away but they’re going to be working on it every single day to see how can i make sure this little brand new baby right here is inheriting a better world that’s what they care about i will say that i miss kissing babies during pandemic i can’t do it but look at that little bundle right there brand new it’s got the new baby smell congratulations but but joe and kamala they care deeply about people and they care about our democracy they believe that in a democracy the right to vote is sacred we shouldn’t be making people wait in line for hours we should be making it easier for everybody to vote not harder they believe that no one especially the president is

above the law they understand the protest isn’t un-american this country was founded on protesting against injustice and we don’t threaten to throw our political opponents in jail just because we disagree with them that’s what happens in dictatorships it doesn’t happen in the united states of america joe and calmly understand that our ability to work together to solve big problems like the pandemic depends on more than just photo ops it depends on applying facts and logic and science and not making things up not flooding the internet with misinformation these should not be republican or democratic values they’re what we grew up learning from our parents and our grandparents they’re not white or black or hispanic or asian or native american values they’re supposed to be american values and we have to reclaim them right

now and how are we going to do that by voting we’ve got to turn out like never before orlando we have to leave no doubt we can’t be complacent we were complacent last time folks got a little lazy folks took things for granted and look what happened not this time not in this election i understand there’s some americans who get frustrated by government they feel like oh it doesn’t make enough a difference my vote won’t make a difference listen the government’s not perfect it’s not going to solve every problem but a good government can make things better things were better when i left office than when i started they weren’t perfect but they were better a president shouldn’t make things worse a president by himself can’t solve every challenge facing our economy but if we elect a president who cares and we elect a house and a senate and

a state house in the state senate that are focused on working people and getting you the help you need it can make a difference a president by himself can’t eliminate all racial bias in our criminal justice system but if we elect district attorneys and states attorneys and sheriffs and police chiefs focused on equality and justice it can make things better and that’s what voting is about not making things perfect but making them better it’s about putting us on track so that a generation from now we can look back and say hey things started getting better it’s about using the power we have and pulling it together to make sure that we have a government that’s more concerned more responsive more focused on you and you know what when i hear people say well i don’t know i voted last time things didn’t change as much as i thought

listen we’ve never come close to seeing what it would be like if everybody voted in 2008 that was the highest voting rate in modern presidential history you know what we only got to 61 that means 39 of the folks didn’t vote who were eligible to vote what would happen if suddenly we started getting 70 voting rates what what would happen if we got 60 70 of the people voting instead of 55 of people voting the country would be transformed imagine imagine january 20th and we swear in a president and a vice president who have a plan to deal with this pandemic effectively who believe in science we have a plan to protect this planet for our children who care about working americans who have a plan to help you start getting ahead who believe in racial equality who are willing to do the work to bring us closer to the ideal that no matter

what you look like where you come from who you love how much money you got you can make it here in america you’ll be treated with respect and dignity and justice here in america imagine a president when puerto rico gets hit by a hurricane doesn’t respond just by throwing paper towels but says those are americans and we’ve got to make sure that we get in the help they need as quickly as possible that’s what you should expect from a president and if you’re not getting that then you have to go out there and vote to make it happen all of that is possible all of that is within our reach for all the times these past four years when we’ve seen our worst impulses revealed the good news is we’ve also seen our best impulses revealed we’ve seen folks of every age and background pack city centers and town squares so that families wouldn’t be

separated i’ve got a friend jose andres great restaurateur took it upon himself went down to puerto rico after the hurricane organized thousands of meals just on his own because he was seeing that the response wasn’t quick enough just did it on his own that is america we saw we saw people out on the streets saying we’re not going to have our classrooms shot up anymore we’ve seen people activated to make sure our kids don’t grow up on an uninhabitable planet we’ve seen healthcare workers so many of them all across the country risk their lives every single day just to save somebody else’s loved ones we’ve seen people contribute and volunteer to neighbors that have been hit hard we’ve seen americans of all races joining together to declare in the face of injustice and brutality at the hands of the state that black lives matter no

more but no less so that no child in this country should feel the continuing sting of racism that’s true in orlando it’s true in florida it’s true all across this country america is a good and decent place but we’ve just seen so much noise and nonsense and distortion and sometimes it’s hard for us to remember but orlando i’m asking you to remember what this country can be what it should be what it must be i am asking you to believe in joe’s ability to lead this country out of these dark times to help us build it back better don’t abandon those who are hurting right now we can’t abandon the kids who aren’t getting the education they need right now we can’t abandon all those young people who are out on the streets who inspired us we got to channel their activism into action we can’t just dream for a better future we got to fight for a better

future we gotta out hustle the other side we’ve got to vote like never before and leave no doubt so make a plan vote as early as you can grab your friends and your family get them to vote all the way up and down the ticket and if we pour all our efforts into this final week if we vote like never before then we will elect joe biden president of the united states we’ll elect kamala harris vice president of the united states we will establish once again what this country stands for what our values are who we are as a people let’s get to work florida let’s bring it home i love you orlando i love you florida honk if you’re fired up honk if you’re ready to go are you fired up are you ready to go i’m fired up let’s go do this thing let’s bring it home open dreams you

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