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North Korea May Soon Stage First Military Parade Under Biden

North Korea May Soon Stage First Military Parade Under Biden

North Korea is expected to stage its first military parade since the death of Kim Jong-II, and it may happen during US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit.

North Korea has not held a large or significant event with troops marching in formation for many months after their leader died suddenly last December. According to South Korean officials who have been briefed on preparations by North Koreans, there are reports that Pyongyang plans an elaborate show this April when Mr Biden visits Seoul at the end of his current trip through Asia which will include aircraft carriers from both China and Japan showing off new fighter jets while also participating in joint naval exercises near Jeju Island southwards – all within view of Mount Paekdu where one century ago Korean patriots fought against Japanese imperialism before being

The Vice President of the United States Joe Biden is currently in South Korea to discuss North Korean nuclear weapons. While there, he has expressed concern that North Korea may soon stage their first military parade since taking power.
The vice president of the US Joe Biden is currently in south east Asia discussing with officials about north korean’s atomic weapon and his concerns are valid because according to reports it seems like they will be having a celebration on 70th anniversary so probably this event might include some kind if ballistic missiles or any other war modern technology which can harm anyone . So why don’t we hope for peace & pray together rather than waiting something bad happen!

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