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No Time To Die Will Be the Longest James Bond Movie To Date

No Time To Die Will Be the Longest James Bond Movie To Date

A new world record has been set by Sony Pictures CEO, Michael Lynton who revealed that No Time for Dying is currently over four hours long! This means it beats out Casino Royale as well as Quantum of Solace which both clocked in at three-and-ahalf hours each (not including credits). The filming took place back in 2008 but was never released until now due its lengthiness so here’s hoping you get your tickets soon because these days going Into Darkness might not seem nearly enough time

No Time To Die will be the longest James Bond movie to date, and it’s a great way for those who have always wanted more of what they love.
This new adaptation takes place in London where Stephen speaks with M-Agency’s head agent Evelyn Tremaine about their newest secret weapon: “No Time To Die”. A bomb so powerful that even when detonated you’ll still get off one last chance at life before going boom


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