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No Christmas If Biden Wins Trump Ivanka Opts For Mail In Voting

No Christmas If Biden Wins Trump Ivanka Opts For Mail In Voting

less than a week to go for election day u.s president Donald trump held an in-person campaign rally in Arizona on Wednesday trump took on democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden saying that there would be no Christmas no thanksgiving and no kids in schools if Biden wins trump though will continue to remain in office post November 3rd elections until January 20th 2021 until the new president takes well trump has repeatedly questioned male in votes his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner have opted for mail-in voting rather than casting in-person vote Ivanka uploaded a picture on her official Instagram account which shows her and Jared Kushner holding their water envelopes in hand while Donald Trump is sitting in his chair on board air force one democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife jill voted early in Delaware on Wednesday he also questioned answered questions from reporters about his healthcare plan if elected saying he believed he would get help from the republicans with lowering the cost of medication

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