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Nintendo Switch Online Hit By Amazon Web Service Outages

Nintendo Switch Online Hit By Amazon Web Service Outages

Nintendo Switch users have been hit by the latest in a series of outages affecting the gaming service. The Nintendo Switch online service launched earlier this month , but has since suffered a series of outages. The first, which took place on September 18, saw users unable to connect to the service.

The service was back up and running the next day, but then suffered another outage on September 20. The latest outage first took place on September 21, and is ongoing. It means that users are unable to log in to the Nintendo Switch online service, or use other online functions such as the Nintendo eShop.

The Nintendo Switch online service is under serious strain, with users reporting problems logging on to the service and being kicked off before they can play. The problems, which are also affecting the Switch’s eShop, appear to have begun around 10:00 UTC (that’s 4am PT and 6am ET) and were still ongoing at the time of publication.

Nintendo has acknowledged the problems and says it is investigating. Switch owners taking to social media are reporting that they can’t log in to the service, and that repeated attempts to log in often result in a message telling them that the servers are busy.

Nintendo’s online gaming service Nintendo Switch Online was affected by an outage during the weekend. The issue was caused by an issue with Amazon Web Services in North Virginia. According to the Nintendo status page , the Nintendo Switch Online service was affected by an outage in North Virginia between 11:53 PM and 1:36 AM on Saturday, August 25.

Nintendo Switch Online is a way for gamers to play classic games, including Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario and Super Mario World on the Switch. These games are only available through the paid service. The service went live in September of last year. The service also allows gamers to play games online and gives them access to exclusive games.

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