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NFL football, Big Game Bound set to return September 9

NFL football, Big Game Bound set to return September 9

NFL football is back, and this time it’s going to be a Big Game. Fans have been waiting for months since the Super Bowl ended in February until now; September 9 will kickoff NFL preseason games across America as fans are excitedly awaiting their favorite teams take on one another starting June 7 all through August 31! Football fever has hit us once again with pre-season training camps underway (and actually started last week), rookies getting acquainted with veterans at practices, team owners pledging money towards social justice issues like Colin Kaepernick taking knees during national anthems or doing something else . It’s also “call your friends” season – you know what I mean: fantasy drafts already began earlier this month too

Big Game Bound is set to return on September 9th. The NFL football game will take place in Los Angeles, California at the LA Memorial Coliseum where you can expect a total of 75 thousand fans cheering for their favorite teams (LA Rams and New England Patriots). If interested make sure to purchase your tickets now before they are sold out!

Big Game Bound returns on September 9 with two great teams competing against each other inside one of America’s most historic stadiums. Whether it be attending or watching from home this year’s Big Game between the LA Rams vs New England Patriots certainly won’t disappoint as over seventy-five thousand people have already purchased tickets – so do yourself a favor by buying yours today while supplies last!

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