New poll shows Biden ahead but White House remains confident in Trump win


New poll shows Biden ahead but White House remains confident in Trump win

Travel home safely from the event.  Sandra: there are new numbers on the race for the white house with a fox poll showing the president trailing Biden by 8 points now putting him in a weaker position he was in 2016 the day before election day especially when it comes to support from some key groups that voted for him the last time. Joining us now is Alyssa Farah, a white house communications director. You can feel the energy there on the ground in North Carolina where we should be seeing the president a short time from now. That is obviously a key state in the race. When you look at the

issues on the table for this president and for American voters and the president going up against Joe Biden, what are you hearing from inside of the white house, what message is working for president trump?   good morning, Sandra, great question. President Trump isn’t taking any vote for granted and in his four years in office, we’ve made sure to create the most inclusive economy in modern history. What that meant prior to the pandemic you had record low Hispanic unemployment and record low African-American unemployment. Record low unemployment for those without a college degree. That is one of his closing messages. I brought you the hottest economy and I will do it again. State-specific issues as well. You noted the “Pittsburgh post-gazette” endorsement. The president was very proud of it. His stance on energy is

incredibly important. That means tens of thousands of jobs for hard-working Americans that we could see disappear under another administration. His policy accomplishments are what he is running on. I think it resonates with the hard-working people of North Carolina where he is today. He is going to protect farming jobs, agriculture jobs as well as the energy sector.   Sandra: you take more from the “post-gazette” and what they said in this endorsement of the president talking about what they acknowledged the embarrassment of millions of americans disturbed by his unpresidential manner and character. His rudeness and putdowns and bragging and bending of the truth but went on to point out that

under the president the u.s. achieved energy u.s. achieved energy independence for the — first time. An interesting point and question. I wonder if that message is resonating with american voters. When you do hear from so many who did support him in 2016 that they are bothered by some of the president’s messaging, tweeting. I know you’ve heard it before. How do you address that point?   that’s a great point. I can say this as someone who personally works with the president day in and day out. The most important thing that you see from him is he loves the american people. Maybe he — he gets

up every day and says i’ll fight for the american people and bring down taxes, improve your healthcare and bring down medicare costs. A huge issue in north carolina, in florida. We brought down medicare costs in some cases by more than 20%. That’s money back in american’s pockets. He is a fighter. You may not like the language sometime but it is because he is passionate about what he is doing for the american people. We feel the momentum on the ground. The polls got it wrong last time and we think they’ll get it wrong again. The silent majority that came out in full force is strong once again for president trump.   sandra: the latest fox news polling on who do you trust to do a better job on and of course the

question is always posed on the economy and as we have seen the president does poll better on that issue. He is leading biden by a point on that. They prefer biden on scotus nominations and coronavirus. We can talk about that in a second. We had anthony scaramucci on, who supported the president back in 2016 just a few moments ago we had him on. He worked for a short time in the trump white house. He made this point on the markets and what they are predicting with a biden strike tree. Listen.   the market is telling you something, okay is? The market is rallying off a biden victory and

recognizes we have to heal the country. The president has made us weaker, sicker, poorer as a nation. And you have to get the science right on this thing so that we can tamp down the virus and end the number of deaths and mortality.   sandra: with spikes like 25% and more in wisconsin, covid’s positivity cases that point has to be made on how much that will hurt the president. But the president talks about the stock market a lot and while it is up 400 points today, it was a rough october for the u.s. stock market. If indeed the markets are pricing in a biden victory, the markets have sold off into that.

That’s a big if. We don’t know for sure what that selling was all about. What does the president say about that when he looks at the stock market activity leading up to this election?   with due respect to the former white house official who only managed to hold my job for 11 days i would say we’re trustworthy that the markets are representative of a trump victory. One thing i would note, for example, vice president biden is talking about repealing the taxes that were passed by president trump. Capital gains taxes, corporate tax rates. It will have a huge impact on markets on hiring and jobs for

millions of americans. Coronavirus is a concern but this president is leading on it. I’ve said it before. Joe biden hasn’t offered a vision that’s any different from president trump on coronavirus other than getting us back into lockdowns and mandating masks. We’re doing the work and we’re fighting the virus and a safe and effective vaccine. We have therapeutics on the market. The country will bounce back from coronavirus because of president trump’s leadership. I think you will see the markets reflect that. Look at the third quarter gdp numbers. That was huge and only happen under president trump.   sandra: if i could go back to something you just said and echoes what we heard from the president

about rounding the corner. Does it help to continue with that message based on the spikes we’re seeing? Not just hear but abroad as well. Seeing spikes in europe. This is fox news polling on coronavirus and how people responded on whether it’s under control here. Completely, single digits 5%. Not at all more than 51% alisa. Final thoughts.   i don’t want your viewers to think that means we’re through the thick of the virus. But we’re getting to a place and in the best place to treat it if you contract coronavirus now. We’re within a month most likely of a vaccine we can mass deploy and in the best place to defeat the virus today. The am kam people need hope. We need to get people back to work and kids to school. It is

conditioned on us getting the vaccine that the president has been working tirelessly with the fda and career medical officials to race market.  sandra: final thoughts on election night activities. What does it look like for the president, your team? How will you spend those hours?  the president is very excited to watch election results from the white house which only an incumbent president gets to do. He is energetic and feels the momentum. It feels similar to 2016. The media and polling doesn’t look like the direction it should. But the momentum of the ground we’re excited to spend another four years here.   sandra: the president will