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Never released John Lennon recording sells for $58,300

Never released John Lennon recording sells for $58,300

A never-before released recording by John Lennon has sold for $58,300.
The tape was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame this year and it’s now been crowned with an even more prestigious honor: being purchased at auction as part of Dennison singing competition which took place in London last month . It is unknown what will happen to these tapes or who owns them next after they’ve already generated so much buzz among collectors all over world but we can hope there are other musical masterpieces hidden away waiting patiently until their time comes too!

The recording of John Lennon has been locked away for over 40 years, and it’s about to be released. The never-before heard track is called “How Do You Sleep?”
A tape from the 1970s is set to make waves  when a private collector purchases an unheard by many copy at auction for $58K

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