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‘Most voters agree’ Trump is the stronger candidate on economy: Steve Moore

‘Most voters agree’ Trump is the stronger candidate on economy: Steve Moore

Good to see you. Dan kildee, the chief whip. And we got the news in the third quarter, the economy zoomed ahead 33 plus percent, it fell in the second quarter, nevertheless, the comeback appears to be real. Steve Moore, what do you make first off of the talk of Elizabeth Warren as a treasury secretary in a Biden administration? Well, I think it’s an indication of just how left-wing a Biden administration would be. Elizabeth Warren is very hostile to business interests in America. I think she would be terrible for the stock market, but I think a more important point, Neil, what you just said. My goodness, you and I have been in this business a long time following these economic statistics. Can you think after a stronger closing

statement for Donald Trump than those numbers that came out on Thursday? You know, 33% growth. Most people don’t follow this stuff as closely as you and I do. Usually, 3, 4, 5% growth is considered a good number and we got this 33% growth. Don’t forget, also, Neil, on Thursday morning, you know, really good numbers on unemployment with another big drop in the number of people on unemployment insurance claims. We’ve had something like 11.5 million jobs created since June. So, those are– that’s a very strong number. If I were trump I’d say look, we’re riding on the back of secretariat

here right now. You don’t want to change horses. Neil: but you know, there are a lot of people– I guess it depends on their view of the horses because 22.7 billion Americans are still claiming some sort of unemployment benefit, as you know, steve. That’s right. Neil: a good many of them, maybe close to a third are exhausting those benefits. They’ll run out in a matter of weeks. So for those people, that doesn’t sound like rounding the bend. That doesn’t sound like an economy on fire. I’m wondering when the president pounds that theme in battleground states, i’m sure that’s the president for you now, but does it fall on empty ears? Do the people hear that and say just like when he says that we’re rounding the bend

on covid. We’re not. And when everything is hunky-dory on the economy, it’s not. >> certainly i’m not saying, and donald trump is not saying everything is hunky-dory with the economy, it’s just this is the fastest recovery we’ve ever seen in this country and by the way much faster than any other european country. You look at projections, neil, that the federal reserve bank made and they said lucky 12, 13% growth and here we are at 33% growth. They said we’d probably still have 15, 16% unemployment rate. We’re now down below 8%, of course you’re right, there are still a lot of problems in this country, heavy lifting to do to fix the economy. The real question for voters, who do you actually think could do a better

job getting 10 million jobs back that we still haven’t received? Nobody expected this kind of boom that we’ve seen in terms of recovery. It really is pretty spectacular and by the way, look at manufacturing, look at the construction. You cover it every day on your show, neil. Look what’s happening with the housing market. Those are really strong markets right now. Neil: you know, the market had a rough week, had a rough month, the second down month. One of the worst weeks before an election we’ve experienced. Normally not good for the party in power. Are you worried about the president?

you mean in terms of the stock market or yeah. Well, look, i think the stock markets is weak because of what you just said that we’ve seen increasing covid cases, but you know, i think that we’re seeing better treatments, we’re seeing, you know, people who are being hospitalized are actually not getting– the death rate is falling. So of course, this is two issues i think at the top of mind of voters. Number one, who can get us through this, you know, terrible economic time and i

think, you know, most voters agree it’s president trump. There’s an if he who is going to deal with this health crisis and we have parallel concerns. I think it was bill clinton said it’s the economy stupid. If it’s the economy, then i think that trump is going to win in states like michigan and pennsylvania. One last thing, where the recovery has been, neil, it’s been in the southern states, in texas, tennessee, it’s in florida, it’s in states like

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