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Mom already expecting twins finds out she got pregnant again, has three babies

Mom already expecting twins finds out she got pregnant again, has three babies

A Mississippi woman who was already expecting twins was stunned to learn she was pregnant for a third time — on the same day she gave birth to her two daughters. ‘My husband’s like, “You’re not pregnant.” And I’m like, “I am, too,” Ashley Smith told WMC-TV. ‘And he’s like, “You can’t be.” And I’m like, “I am.”‘ Smith, who already had two children, gave birth to her third daughter on Dec. 5, 2015. She and her husband, Justin, were expecting twins. ‘I had two heartbeats at my 20-week ultrasound,’ Ashley said. ‘I went in for my checkup, and they told me that one of the babies passed away. I didn’t know I was pregnant again.’ Smith said she had a feeling she was pregnant all along. ‘I was eating everything in sight, and I was never gaining weight,’ she said. ‘I was, like, “I must be pregnant.” But I just didn’t want to say it.’

A pregnant mom in India who was expecting twins got the shock of her life when she found that she was pregnant with not one but three babies. A pregnant woman in India who was carrying twins got the shock of her life when her doctors told her that she is actually carrying triplets. The 25-year-old woman had been taking prenatal care since she was expecting twins. But when doctors did an ultrasound, they found that there were three babies in her womb. Doctors said the woman had three healthy babies, two girls and one boy. The triplets were delivered at a hospital in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh state. The three babies were all born within a short period of time. The first one to be born was a girl weighing 2.4 pounds (1.1 kilograms). The mother, Rekha, said she was happy that all three babies were alive. She said she was scared when she first found out about the triplets. But she is happy now. The babies are being treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

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