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Miley Cyrus Reacts To Unfollowing Kendall Jenner Story

Miley Cyrus Reacts To Unfollowing Kendall Jenner Story

justin bieber opens up about his mental health struggles plus miley cyrus reacts to rumors she unfollowed kendall jenner after her birthday party hey guys it’s sally for hollywoodlife with your music roundup starting with lil pump again because after all these trump endorsements he was invited on stage at donald’s rally yesterday trump’s introduction for pump went like this quote one of the big superstars of the world lil pimp yep pimp wouldn’t be surprised if pump changes his name now though honestly and speaking of rappers and trump rich the kid took to social media with claims that trump’s team tried to buy his support rich said just got a call trump trying to send me a jet to michigan f out of here i ain’t no

sellout you guys should check out the tick tock about all of the celebs that the trump campaign reached out to big denial list and while we’re on the subject of the election billy eilish’s mom reportedly gave out vegan meals to poll workers and voters her support and feed program partnered with several vegan companies to help in cities like la philly new york and phoenix moving on to the beavers variety reports the couple have listed their beverly hills starter mansion with a nearly

nine million dollars the 6.1 k square foot transitional is set on a quiet cul-de-sac and it’s right next to jeff bezos 175 million dollar compound i wonder if that neighborhood gets their amazon packages extra fast and sticking with justin the papa icon opened up about his mental health struggles in his new youtube documentary and said there really was a time that he wanted to take his own life jb said i think there were times where i was really really suicidal like man is his pain going

to ever go away it was so consistent the pain was so consistent i was just suffering so i’m just like man i would rather not feel this than feel this following that confession justin revealed he could have avoided a lot of pain if he was more vocal about what he was going through he then passed that advice off to fans and said i just would encourage people like hey if you’re feeling lonely talk about it say it out loud and briefly to miley cyrus for a moment because she’s also reacting to

kendall’s party but not in a way it was originally reported recall yesterday we mentioned that some fans believe she unfollowed people from kendall’s party with the exception of justin hayley and jaden however miley is debunking those rumors by commenting on an instagram post saying that never actually happened because she never followed any of those people in the first place she also urged everyone to focus on voting today we love miley

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