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Michael Holding announces retirement from commentary

Michael Holding announces retirement from commentary

The 64-year old British former boxer and soccer player known for always being well dressed in suit will no longer be the voice of HBO sports events, but you can still find him on TV every night during prime time as one half of “Michael & Co.” To close out his time at home with family after more than three decades commentingateering we asked what was next? His answer: He plans to hang up both suits shortly before Christmas!

Michael Holding will be retiring from commentary at the end of this season. He has been a staple on British TV for decades, and his voice is well known to American audiences as he commentated during hockey games such as The Stanley Cup Finals last year!
A lifelong sports fan who grew up with an NHL team (the Montreal Canadiens), Michael started working in broadcasting after graduating college – before that point he had served time behind bars because you don’t want your friends telling stories about how they caught “Mickey.”

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