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Melania Trump: The Legacy Of An Unlikely First Lady

Melania trump is unlike anyone else with a name and stature that’s known far and wide but there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye her journey to greatness was smooth sailing until she was met with criticism as many first ladies of the past have also faced melania trump has exuded confidence and made her mark regardless of what laid her path actively supporting children’s futures she stands tall to encourage everyone to be their best that your worth is your bond and you do what you say she wasn’t your average first lady being just as vibrant and unique as her predecessors from being able to speak six different languages to being a business owner and an amazing model there are so

many things to our now former first lady that are just wonderful to see while changes need to be made now this is not how we will live forever over the last four years melania trump has become an icon in many ways she started out as melaniac navs germanized to melania nos born on april 26 1970 she hails from a small town called novomisto in slovenia where she spent most of her childhood and teenage years her father victor knobs worked as a car and motorcycle dealer for a state-owned vehicle manufacturer her mother amalia knobs put her talents into the

textile industry working as a designer for children’s clothes melania grew up in the middle with her younger sister and older half brother on her father’s side she had a pretty normal childhood but everything changed when she took an early interest in modeling she started modeling when she was 5 years old but didn’t look into doing it full time until she was 16. her family had moved from novomisto to savanka where she

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attended the secondary school of design and then studied architecture and design at the university of ljubljana she did this for one year until she decided to pursue modeling full-time she first modeled for slovenian photographer stain jerko who described the moment on the today

show he said on the stairs of the festival hall i saw a girl that immediately caught my eye there stood a tall slender and attractive long-haired girl with distinct eyes she was instantly great at it in 1992 she went on to being a runner-up in janna magazine for look of the year in ljubljana which promised an international modeling contract after this she went on to model for max a frenchmen’s magazine gq vanity fair harper’s

bazaar sports illustrated and multiple fashion houses in paris and milan she was and still is a shining star in her everyday life just as many of us are on our own but she didn’t stop there in 2010 she launched her own jewelry line called melania timepieces and a melania mark skincare

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collection she grew into a businesswoman and learned these remarkable skills through her parents she even credited her mother as the one who put fashion in her blood yet the model and businesswoman still didn’t stop there she went on to meet donald trump who she later married in january 2005. they initially met in september of 1998 at a party and they started dating while he was in the process of divorcing his then wife marla maples they appeared together when he campaigned for the 2000 reform party presidential nomination and after

winning his presidential candidacy in 2016 she became the second first lady to be native outside of the us she had been his biggest supporter then and even now and when approached by the new york times on how she would feel about that she said it’s great i would be very traditional like betty ford or jackie kennedy even though she was worried at first expressing some frustration regarding her image and role as

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a first lady she took time to get herself and her son prepared she had delayed her move into the white house after learning that her husband had won and played a small part throughout the entire campaign but was still ecstatic about being in such a position the washington post notes that her delay was to allow their then 10 year old son baron william trump to complete his 2016 school year at columbia grammar and preparatory school before moving her new role may have come under a lot of mixed reviews since she was very different from the previous

first ladies but few editors dared to put her on the front while news outlets have dedicated attention to the president and his administration it’s a different story in the magazine world the washington post states that she had received criticism for being in such a position and basically everything she did seeming less than enthralled with her start in the white house but she braved through it nonetheless she became

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the second first lady native to a country outside of the u.s in her role as first lady she maintained her composure and accomplished some great feats such as starting her campaign geared towards tackling issues affecting children in may 2018 melania launched the be best campaign which focused on well-being for youth and advocated against cyberbullying and substance abuse i’m very excited to announce be

best an awareness campaign the campaign was accompanied by a booklet that encouraged ways to avoid these issues and many sessions at the white house with local students she filled her extra time meeting with children who were patients at hospitals and care centers she even spent valentines at the children’s inn located at the national institutes of health and cincinnati children’s hospital along with enjoying easter

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at the st mary’s medical center in palm beach florida she unwaveringly spread light and love in everything she set out to do touching sensitive areas that needed attention on one special occasion she visited the pediatric hospital bambino jisu in vatican city where she met a young boy waiting for a new heart when she received the news that he had found a transplant she celebrated the news in a press statement saying my

own heart is filled with joy in the midst of the opioid pandemic she utilized her platform to raise awareness of opioid abuse that can cause terrible effects on infants and unborn babies she headed straight to lily’s place a non-profit infant recovery center to support safe

opportunities for children affected by this while she is a household name and modeling and a contributing member of society she’s also a mother and considers america her family she continued forward with visiting various schools foreign and domestic she participated in a viking huddle class at orchard lake middle school in michigan where the lesson focused on emotional development while traveling abroad

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melania visited the american international school in saudi arabia and took a calligraphy class with education minister Ahmed el-aisa she also took part in activities with children at the kiobasi tsukiji elementary school while visiting japan in 2018 she went on a four nation solo tour of

africa to focus on conservation children and families she visited ghana malawi kenya and egypt in 2019 she visited a hospital in el Paso to check on the 23 persons injured she met with the families of the survivors hospital staff and first responders she then came back to washington and referred to the zero tolerance mexican border policy where children were being taken from their families and stated she was

heartbroken she had expressed in an interview with bbc news saying i hate to see children separated from their families and wanted to begin a change in the situation by having a successful immigration reform the long trip in an impromptu speech sent her on another quick trip to

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texas, where she networked with doctors medical staff social workers, and other experts at the bring new hope children’s shelter on march 20th 2018 first lady Melania trump scheduled a meeting with policy executives from social media companies including amazon facebook, google snap, and Twitter to address the next phase of online harassment and online safety particular to children she furthermore attended another event that focused on modern technology and the effects on children her statement that night was I’m well aware that people are

skeptical of me discussing this topic but that will not stop me from doing what I know is right she had also issued a statement from april 23rd for the removal of deputy national security advisor Mira Ricardo many saw this as unusual for a first lady to be involved in white house personnel decisions but Melania wasn’t sitting back whatever it takes for her to do what’s right she isn’t going to let anyone change her mind

but even through all of this she experienced her own turmoil in 2018 she had to undergo treatment for a benign kidney condition that required her to get an embolization the procedure was reported successful with no complications in 2020 both she and president donald trump tested positive for covid19 and immediately quarantined to recover melania had stated she was experiencing mild symptoms but

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overall kept her spirits up being a face of the future also meant giving it your all regardless of personal detriments she proved her determination by not letting it stop her from fulfilling her role to her country and through her good deeds and inspiring character she was the second woman to be awarded in the last 28 years by palm beach atlantic university on march 8 2018 she held a luncheon her first white

house event for international women’s day she spoke to a diverse audience of women about her life as a female immigrant and how they could work toward gender equality both locally and abroad without a doubt melania trump is a gem through to the end but never forget that she’s human she may make mistakes but she’ll always brush herself off straighten her jacket and move forward with positivity it’s these

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motivating and stirring attributes that show us the sun shines effortlessly she continues to be a supporter of the be best campaign to her fullest and never loses sight of what’s important you can’t make this happen without first being as invested as she was and still is poised to move forward onto bigger things she started decorating the white house for their last christmas season there and according to usa today

melania will be focusing more on her family and son to help them through this transition her husband had also made remarks about joining the media world through a post-presidency

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