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Meet the picture-perfect Fraser family and all their secrets

Meet the picture-perfect Fraser family and all their secrets

it’s the story of a happy privileged loving family everything seems perfect what you might start to think is it just a bit too good to be true I’d say they have a lot of characteristics of an ideal cliched upper-class new york family grace is happily married she’s a psychologist we’re happy and fulfilled in our jobs successful we love each other they have a big busy urban life and then tragedy happens at the school and their entire life unravels it was Elena she was found dead what and everything which seemed to be in a certain way turns out to be completely different Susanna wanted to make it about a woman and her relationships with her husband and her son and her father who’s controlling franklin always thought of

her as a child he has difficulty expressing affection it’s all about who are these people really how things been between the two of you we’ve never been better within a marriage what you think you have and what it really is can be completely changed within a matter of minutes i find that deeply disturbing but at the same time very real hello who is this who you excuse me it’s about whether we can really trust the things that are most precious to us and which seem to be the absolute key foundations of our life underneath this wonderful family there is a ticking bomb whatever that bomb consists of you know there is a bomb sitting there

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