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Meadows on whether Trump plans to fire FBI Director Wray after election

Meadows on whether Trump plans to fire FBI Director Wray after the election

Welcome back president trump securing another foreign policy victory this week with the announcement of another middle eastern peace deal on Friday that would normalize ties between Israel and Sudan this comes just over a month after he brokered a similar agreement between Israel and two Arab states the united Arab emirates and Bahrain the president told reporters there is even more progress on the way joining me right now is white house chief of staff mark meadows chief meadows great to see you this morning thanks so much for joining us well to be with you thanks maria what is the president trying to achieve here another victory normalizing relationships with Israel are we going to see more countries and what’s at stake well we will see more countries coming in the president has been not only a leader

but he’s been very proactive on trying to make sure that peace in the middle east is really not just a dream but a reality and i can tell you that for him it’s all about our men and women and in the military wants to make sure that we don’t get involved in endless wars and yet they have to understand that there’s an American strength and an American might uh he’s made sure that the military is well funded but listen if you had asked me even three years ago or three months ago

if we would have an agreement between Sudan and Israel I would not have put the odds at a great betting odd but never bet against this president because he’s been able to accomplish this him and his team they’ve done miraculous work in three countries now where peace is on the way more countries to come as many as four to five additional countries perhaps uh entering into that and so uh the great news is for all of Americans is is that we have the hope of finally having peace in the middle east because of this president’s leadership yeah it’s an incredible story a great story didn’t come out last week at the uh at the debate what did you think of the president’s performance at the debate you know a lot of people are saying it was one of his

best performances up at that podium but there’s not a lot of time left nine days away from the election is it going to be enough to resonate sir well his record is going to be enough to resonate with the American people and he did an incredible job poll after a poll suggested not only did he win but he won by an overwhelming margin and it’s real easy to do when you have someone who has accomplished so much in 47 months versus a career politician you know it was very evident on that debate stage there was one candidate joe Biden who did a lot of talking about what he could do even blamed Barack Obama for his inability to get things done and yet this president is running on his record and

running on a hope that we will continue to make the next four years better than this four years and i’m optimistic we’ll get there yeah i want to talk about the oil industry because of course that was one of the highlights of the debate this past week and banning fracking would impact some seven and a half million jobs we’ve got a report here talking about the importance of job creation within the oil industry let me play a bit of the debate exchange on oil and fracking between the president and uh former VP joe Biden here it is interesting never said i oppose frackie you said it on tape i did show the tape put it on your website put it on the website would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a Biden administration no it would be we would work

it out we would make sure it’s eliminated yeah make sure it’s eliminated we took that from your team uh tweeting uh the past comments from joe Biden your reaction and do you believe that he is, in fact, going to regulate this industry out of business he keeps saying he’s not going to ban fracking well it’s uh it’s two or three weeks before an election and he needs Pennsylvania and texas and Ohio and some of the others so of course, flip-flopping joe is going to say that his record is very clear he’s going to not only get rid of fossil fuels and what does that mean for all Americans whether you’re in an oil-producing state or not your gasoline prices are going to go up your home heating prices are going to go up listen this is this is about a candidate joe Biden who the only job he created was actually for

the biden family he’s never created a job for the working-class Americans and yet he pretends like he’s going to do it this would be just major harm to the economy major harm to the working families across America and that’s the joe biden future that he promises for so many yeah Kamala harris has also said she wants to ban fossil fuels and fracking the American petroleum institute is estimating that the industry supports directly or indirectly employment of almost 11 million Americans so this is a big deal when it comes to jobs

we’ll be watching how this plays out uh certainly in terms of policy what other policies do you believe are resonating with the American people in terms of the president’s record i want to get back to the hunter Biden and the joe Biden story in terms of corruption but let’s talk policy for a moment and what you believe is going to resonate with the American people nine days out of an election well joe Biden is the only candidate other than Walter Mondale that that campaign on a promise to increase your taxes whether it’s increasing taxes on middle-income Americans whether it’s bringing back the individual mandate which is a tax on not just those middle-income wage earners but those below that uh you know you start to see that uh it didn’t work real well for walt Walter Mondale i think he won 13 electoral votes his home state of Minnesota and even the people of Minnesota know that the joe Biden

that is out there suggesting that his policies uh are going to resonate they just need to look at 47 years you know really he’s only passed in 47 years he’s only passed two pieces of legislation that are meaningful and one of those he’s running away from so he’s all about defunding the police he’s not about a secure community whether it’s in suburbs or cities or anything else his record is real clear his rhetoric is misleading at best actually i’m glad you mentioned defunding the police that’s one issue that seems to be resonating with the black vote we’ve been talking with some outspoken voices here from the African-American community who support president trump we had Hershel walker on recently burgess Owens and kim klasik and I’ve got a rashmushan poll that I’m looking at right here

that says that approval among likely black voters jumping to 46 percent after that debate that sounds unlikely to me such an incredible number but the president is speaking to that portion of the community increasingly isn’t he well he’s not just speaking to that portion of uh the American electorate he’s actually acting on their behalf he you know for some when they watch this debate this was the first time that they found that the president had had not only invested in opportunity zones and historically black colleges but he’d also passed criminal justice reform which uh put forth inequities that largely affected minority communities he’s all in to do that so it’s his actions versus once again joe biden’s inaction and so uh it’s making a big difference but to suggest that no one wants safe communities uh is is to paint it with a broad brush that is just not accurate and so this president is about making sure our communities are safe all right

chief we’ve been talking all morning about corruption and this uh Joe Biden story of pay to play what’s your take on how important this will be to American voters i mean there’s a lot of pushback in the media you’re not even seeing the story being covered on social media and yet as we just heard from senator Ron johnson from congressman Jim Jordan these allegations are serious that you know you’re seeing all these business deals set up by hunter Biden and his partners putting money aside for Joe Biden what’s your take on how important this will become election day well it’s very important because what we see is what most Americans hate about Washington d.c a politician gets elected and they go out and enrich themselves and their family and there’s no denying that that happened here when we start to see the evidence whether it comes out in the next nine days or

the next nine months Joe Biden will be at the very center of this he will be a guilty player in all of this and when you start to look at the mounting evidence whether it is with money laundering or whether it is with a number of witnesses that are now coming forward uh joe’s story just doesn’t hold up it’s just like his fracking uh comment where he flip-flopped on that we’ll see that there’s another fracking that uh takes place and that’s with joe biden’s alibi in terms of his denial of corruption here uh before you go chief I want to ask you about the cover-up here because the FBI had this information for a year even as the president was getting impeached in January of this year the FBI had these emails and the laptop from hunter Biden they sat on it

the media won’t show it will Christopher Wray be fired after the election for insubordination for not releasing this and to the public and what about gina Haspel we’re understanding that she’s also blocking the dissemination of declassified documents will these two be fired after the election well obviously I don’t get into personnel uh decisions on national tv we’re evaluating all our personnel i can tell you it is troubling when you’re fighting against the swamp and the swamp continues to fight back with uh with a lack of transparency that’s very troubling there will be accountability this president is going to make sure that he holds his administration uh very accountable so that they’re transparent with the American people all right mark we’ll leave it there great to see you this morning thank you so much

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