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McEnany condemns violent protests: ‘Democrats enabled the mob’

McEnany condemns violent protests: ‘Democrats enabled the mob’

all right meanwhile let’s bring in kayleigh mcinerney she is a trump 2020 campaign advisor hey kaylee good morning to you good morning steve okay so into the final five days i know that uh both campaigns are spent a lot on tv both campaigns are out and about although uh your candidate seems to be on tv all afternoon into the evening but you’ve got something different and you think it is your secret weapon and that that is you’ve got 2.5 million door knockers going door-to-door right that’s exactly right we actually have what’s called a ground game democrats didn’t do that this year they haven’t been knocking on doors and look it’s paying dividends steve i’m sitting here in miami-dade county the president and the rest of the team were about to take off across florida but in miami-dade county as of yesterday we are six percentage points ahead of democrats in the early vote that is historic that is historic turnout for republicans statewide we have won 10 days straight of early voting we know democrats typically have an absentee advantage but we’ve been eating away at that two-thirds in fact we’ve ate away at their advantage by two-thirds and on election day

when the trump coalition turns out we will win the great state of florida we will win this election so uh joe biden’s brother uh he was confronted by a fox news reporter at his house in maryland and he refused to answer questions from the reporter about tony bobolinski watch this in philadelphia what do you say to philadelphia residents that are outraged by yet another unarmed black man being shot by police on your healthcare plan do you have a bill ready to drop and what did you learn from the aca passage that’s going to guide how you work on the improvements of the aca particularly whether you’re going to work with republicans okay so kaylee i thought we had the the video of the reporter but um you know what happens confronted confronted his brother outside of his house and he said go away basically i’m not going to answer your questions but then you just saw a video of joe biden yesterday he took a few questions from reporters steve said was it your son steve that was out there um there was a reporter from fox asking questions about joe biden’s son

hunter he wanted to ask a question but you know how the Biden campaign works they said the vice president would take some questions and questions is plural and they took two questions and as soon as he answered the question about philadelphia violence and about health care he turned around and got out before anybody could ask him about tony bobolinski why are they staying so silent yeah it’s incredible look think about this so joe Biden still has not denied the substance of this allegation we have emails we have text messages we have a first-hand witness in tony babilinski that says that joe Biden is compromised by china he profited off china during his time in government profited from foreign governments on the taxpayers dime good for fox news for asking that question because ainsley this is the great

journalistic malpractice of our time that they refuse to ask questions we have a verified we have documents and they won’t ask a single question good for fox news because the rest of journalism has abdicated their duty to get the truth for the American people to facebook fox news was not able to ask the question of joe Biden because the campaign keeps him away from the but fox news did go out there to ask his brother at his house jimmy yeah uh so let’s talk about the president really uh utilized in 2016 you weren’t doing this job but utilize facebook better than anybody else and help him propel to victory and no one really did more for Twitter than the president united states because he uses his main source of

communication but it hasn’t stopped both those entities perhaps from turning on him and your campaign and that was the subject that was brought up as the tech centers heads went to capitol hill yesterday at least offered their interviews over themselves as interview subjects yesterday in front of the commerce committee listen to ted cruz go at jack Dorsey who was barely up twitter had the ability to influence elections no we are one part of a spectrum of communication challenges that people have Twitter when it silences people when it censors people when it blocks political speech that has no impact on elections people have a choice of other communication channels with women not if they don’t hear information Mr. Dorsey who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what

the American people are allowed to hear and why do you persist in behaving like a democratic super PAC silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs we’re not doing that and this is why I opened this hearing with calls for more transparency well I just Dorsey would just calm down a little bit and answer the question uh Kaylee what does the campaign plan on doing you got five days left all these stories have been sidelined the president’s already been frozen and blocked 65 times are you guys helpless yeah and joe Biden uh censored zero times notably no because we’re taking our message directly to the American people we’ll be making five rally stops a day five thousand show up literally we had 25

000 people show up in Omaha these are historic crowds the president takes his message directly to the American people and shame on jack Dorsey as the new york post noted today this is a mob artist this is a shakedown effort to say delete the hunter Biden story the media won’t report on it social media will censor it delete it or we will censor the fourth-largest newspaper in the united states we will block them from social media big tech needs to be handled and this president a second term will do just that because there needs to be equity there needs to be a lack of censorship this is what happens

in north Korea not in the united states of America well let’s talk a little bit about the united states of America right now we continue to see spikes in certain parts of the country regarding kovid for the most part the Biden campaign has made their push and pitch to America that the administration has mishandled the response to the pandemic but when you look at these strict lockdowns that are going into effect in europe right now you realize it’s hard for any any country to get a handle on it yeah look the american people have a very clear choice when it comes to coven you can vote on joe biden

where you will be locked down your schools will be closed your churches will be closed you won’t have social gatherings it will be a lockdown versus president trump where we are safely reopening this country Americans deserve jobs they deserve freedom joe biden’s modeling his strategy which is locked down in the basement but this president has surged therapeutics and testing in a vaccine in record time we can control this but at the same time we can open this country and not lock down like joe biden will do so kelly a lot of people like the president’s stance on law and order this is the president talking about how he wants to restore it and he’s hitting the democrats for not condemning all the unrest

sooner i’m witnessing is terrible and frankly that the mayor or whoever it is that’s allowing people to riot and luke and not stop them is also just a horrible thing you can’t let that go on again a democrat run state a democrat-run city philadelphia that’s no way to do it you’ve got to have law and order you’ve got to have respect for our police you have to condemn you to have to be strong you can’t have chaos like that kaylee it’s hard to watch those videotapes of people looting mom and pop businesses and you know that that’s their livelihood that’s their bread and butter that’s right it’s their livelihood these are small businesses people who have worked their entire lives to open uh these shops these

businesses and then on top of that you have 30 police officers who were injured on the first night of the riots one run run over by a car a chance to stuff police officers and trunks a vehicle with explosive devices uh let me be crystal clear why this is happening it’s because democrats have enabled the mob when they attack our police officers verbally it ends up that they end up being attacked physically it’s called what jim comey said the ferguson effect and we’re seeing it play out yet again kaylee what is the message as we go back to the coronavirus remember for the longest time angela merkel the germans did it right they know how to do it why can’t we be like them they are now locking down for a month the french

they did it right they had a great summer because they were disciplined the french are locking down now and they’ve already been locked down in nine separate cities the italians said they were the first to be besieged and they’re locking down and protesting every step of the way the uk regionally locking down belgium and czech republic so as we have 70 new infections a day and 29 states have hit highs is the president’s approach herd immunity no the president’s approach is therapeutics which by the way have given us the lowest case fatality rate in the world far lower than europe’s right now when you look across the hospitals in the united states the percentage of covet paid patients and hospital beds is six

percent it’s because this president did things right you have a 99 survival rate under 70 uh and above 70 because of our therapeutics it’s very close to that because of what this president did tearing down bureaucratic barriers tearing down regulations paving the way for therapeutics we have done this right and the europe united states comparison tells that story all right kaylee mcinning six days away from being able to sleep in kaylee thank you very much for joining us live today for a day thank you guys for one day yes

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