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Matt Smith: ‘Last Night In Soho is love letter to London’

Matt Smith: ‘Last Night In Soho is love letter to London’

Last Night In Soho is a love letter to London.
2,000 years ago the city was at its height with treasures like The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey but now it’s fallen on hard times; crime rates are high as drug addicts rob tourists in broad daylight while thousands live below poverty line unable escape their dreary existence by sleeping off an evening drunk or taking out loans they cannot afford repayments for decades later when there isn’t enough food left over from this month’s grocery bill…

“In a world where people are constantly surrounded by the noise of their phones and other distractions, Matt Smith believes that Last Night In Soho offers visitors an opportunity explore this wonderful city they call home.”
“I see my photography as being about capturing light – both natural- daylight shots but also artificial sources like street lights which can create beautiful effects when captured at night,” says photographer and filmmaker. “Last Nights in Soho was love letter to London; exploring some areas I know well such Census Palace Gardens or Covent Garden market place”.

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