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Mass Effect 4 Will Use Unreal Engine 5

Mass Effect 4 Will Use Unreal Engine 5

After a long period of silence, BioWare has finally announced that their highly anticipated Mass Effect 4 will be using the Unreal Engine 5. The news comes as a surprise since BioWare has been using the Frostbite engine since their release of Dragon Age II. The Frostbite engine is also used in EA’s FIFA, Need For Speed, and Battlefield series. The Unreal Engine 5 is a bit different from the Frostbite engine because it is much more versatile. This means that Mass Effect 4 will have a more open world and more complex gameplay.

Epic Games recently announced a new version of the Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine 5 is being specifically designed for virtual reality headsets, and some of the game titles that will be using the new engine include Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and more. A few days ago, a blog post was released over at BioWare about how Dragon Age: Inquisition will be coming to the new engine. BioWare’s General Manager, Aaryn Flynn, mentioned that the game is “already running in the engine” and that the company is “very optimistic” about what it will be capable of. This means that Mass Effect 4 will be one of the titles taking advantage of the new engine. With the game already being developed, it’s likely that the engine will be playable in the near future. While it’s possible that the game will be released in time for the next generation of consoles, it’s looking more likely that it will be released in 2017.

BioWare’s next Mass Effect game will use the latest Unreal Engine 5 for its development. This information was revealed by the studio’s general manager Aaryn Flynn, who said that the company is “really excited about the way it’s progressing.” However, he did not reveal anything about the game or the franchise in general. Instead, he focused on the engine, which has been in development for quite a while now. Regardless, the information is quite interesting, as the Mass Effect franchise is one of the most popular one out there. So it’s great to see that the team is making the most out of the new engine. [BioWare is] really excited about the way [Unreal Engine 5] is progressing. The development will be done in Montreal, the same studio where Mass Effect: Andromeda was made. The game has not been officially announced yet, but it will be the fourth installment of the popular science fiction series.

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