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Marty Matlock Appointed Senior Advisor for Food Systems Resiliency

Marty Matlock Appointed Senior Advisor for Food Systems Resiliency

Marty Matlock, a land-use planner and food systems expert at the University of California has been appointed to the role as Senior Advisor for Food Systems Resilience. When discussing what this new position entails he says “I’ll be working with all sectors within university including ( Agriculture), Resources Action International USA(RAIN USA)and K Trust.”
The appointment comes after years spent advising public entities on how we can work towards achieving sustainable development goals while also meeting people’s needs more effectively through innovative ideas like smart logistics hubs that help reduce carbon footprints by using fewer resources such traditional fuels or plastics used in packaging items shipped around our country

Marty Matlock, who was most recently the Chief Technology Officer for chef and restaurateur Rene Redzepi’s cooking school in Denmark is now a Senior Advisor. His appointment comes at an important time when food systems are under immense pressure due to natural disasters around world which has caused great hardships on millions of people living off their land or working as hourly labor contractors making it difficult for them provide nutritious meals every day while also not being able recover financially from another disaster striking again like Puerto Rico did two years ago leaving many without power causing spoilage of perishable goods such produce that needs refrigeration but didn’t have any left after Irma knocked out electrical grid there too breaking down basic infrastructure needed otherwise if you wanted clean water available 24/7 within five


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