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Mark McGowan responds after NSW Treasurer calls him ‘Gollum of Australian politics’

Mark McGowan responds after NSW Treasurer calls him ‘Gollum of Australian politics’

Mark McGowan, the WA opposition leader criticized Mike Baird’s new stamp duty and land tax on foreign buyers. He said it would raise around $600 million a year to be spent across Sydney’s infrastructure needs. The NSW Treasurer called him ‘Gollum of Australian politics’ due to his efforts in promoting populist policies which take advantage of sectional interests such as renters’ concerns over housing affordability for first-homebuyers who are looking at houses valued above $650K or less than 20% deposit required by bank lenders with stable incomes without exemptions .

Mark McGowan, the Western Australia Opposition Leader is being critiqued after he supported Mike Baird’s plan for raising money through taxes on real estate sales in New South Wales

“The Treasurer’s remarks were insulting and insensitive, not only to the former premier of NSW but also to anyone with a disability. We have an obligation under federal law as employers in Australia …to make reasonable adjustments for employees… Minister Perrottet should apologise immediately.”

Mark McGowan responds after New South Wales Treasurer calls him ‘Gollum of Australian politics’ . “The Treasurer’s remarks are insulting and insensitive, not just towards me but any person living with disabilities,” said Mr McGowan on Tuesday afternoon at Parliament House in Canberra. The former premier is blind due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP) – a rare disease that damages cells responsible for sight which affects around 1 out 100 people worldwide

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