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Mark Levin: The Media Keeps Ignoring Biden’s Senility

Mark Levin: The Media Keeps Ignoring Biden’s Senility

this is the most consequent not because i’m running but because who i’m running against it’s the most consequential election uh in a long long long time and the character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot what kind of country we’re going to be four more years of george georgia he uh going to find ourselves in a position where if trump gets elected we’re going to be we’re going to be in a different world doesn’t it look like she’s almost grinding her teeth like she wants to jump in did you notice that mr producer like oh my god he screwed this up george george and then he tries to recover with his trump it’s not funny this goes on and on and on and look what the media have done they’ve made this

sort of a regular event it’s something to be dismissed and ignore he does it again uh when he brags about the kind of organization he has for this campaign let’s take a look at this it’s really bizarre go we’re in a situation where we have put together and you guys did it for our administration the president obama’s administration before this we have put together i think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics so we put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in history now that’s an incredibly stupid thing to say does he mean it of course

he doesn’t mean it that’s what comes out of his mouth he’s having trouble he’s grasping for words he’s grasping for thoughts he loses his trend of thinking ladies and gentlemen that is an absolute telltale sign of early stages of dementia or even alzheimer’s he’s losing his place and so it’s not like he’s making gas because he’s a silly person he’s making gas because he’s an ill person i don’t make fun of the fact that he’s an ill person i don’t make fun of the fact that he has some form of dementia i am furious with his wife i am furious with his family and i’m furious with the democrat party in the

media who cover this up they know damn well what kind of candidate he is that he’s incapable of serving as president and for the radical left within the democrat party and the media one and the same truly one in the same they view him as a play thing they’re going to defend him they’re going to protect him they want to install him and then they want to remove him kamala harris the 25th amendment it’s all lined up because he’s not going to be capable of being president of the united states he’s barely capable of being a candidate that’s why he’s in the basement that’s why he gets angry when you’re asking about hunter bye another telltale sign as a 47-year politician he should be very polished about answering a question like that and blowing it off but he’s not he’s not so he’s being protected by the very people who know exactly

what he’s going through and you almost feel sorry for him as a human being not as a candidate he needs to be crushed and they need to be crushed but he’s being used and what his wife should have told him and what the party should have told him when he decided to run is no joe you’re not up to it we’re not going to allow it but instead he was the horse that they decided to to run in order to defeat the radicals initially because they didn’t think they could get elected to try and

get power through joe and then effectively remove him under the 25th amendment or some other scheme because I’m telling you right now god forbid if he’s elected i pray he’s not it’s going to get very very ugly the policies are going to be extraordinarily extreme they’re going to be anti-constitutional and the man in the oval office is going to be mentally handicapped in a severe

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