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Mariah Carey Celebrates Start of Christmas Season

Mariah Carey Celebrates Start of Christmas Season

it’s time the queen of Christmas Mariah Carey is declaring that it’s time for the holiday season to begin the all i want for Christmas is youth singer is bringing out the jingle bells in a new video shared on her Instagram it’s time the queen of Christmas showed a spooky creature creeping into her room only to find a decked-out Christmas tree and the pop stars surrounded by snow with major Christmas spirits it’s time but she did give a nod to thanksgiving concluding the video

quote it’s time but let’s get through thanksgiving first this isn’t the first time the Grammy winner cued the Christmas carols last year mariah shared a clip in an 80s inspired costume waiting for the clock to hit midnight when the singer gets a call from Santa Claus declaring Christmas has arrived Santa it’s time fans are anxiously waiting for a possible christmas

collaboration in October the superstar shared a snap of three chairs with the initials ahe JH and mc of course her biggest fans are speculating Ariana grande and Jennifer Hudson will be joining the centrist for a new hit Mariah has kept all details on the hush-hush but we will be listening out for what the star does next you

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