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Mandy Moore Talks Hiding Baby Bump On ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore Talks Hiding Baby Bump On ‘This Is Us’

i was harboring a secret i was so sick mandy moore is happy to live her pregnancy out loud the this is us star revealed to hoda copy on friday’s today show that she had trouble keeping her baby news a secret at first especially because she had trouble keeping anything down at first i was harboring a secret i was so sick i mean i’m on the west coast

so that entailed me getting ready at like four in the morning and i remember that morning i was like sitting on the ground in my bathroom because i was so nauseous like putting on makeup going like i wish people knew that i didn’t feel well mandy is thankfully feeling much better now as she approaches her third trimester the 36 year old has been shooting her

hit nbc drama and shared how the show is going to accommodate her growing bump very conspicuous costumes i guess um to hide stuff um i i’m sure you’ll see rebecca carrying a lot of like laundry baskets and purses oversized purses god

knows what for the next couple of months but um i’ve also heard that they can sort of go in and digitally change things if need be but i’m guessing it’ll be a lot more shots of sort of just my um less full body probably just like what we’re seeing today mandy and husband taylor goldsmith have a little boy on the way and the actress and singer gushed over being able

to bring him on tour and enjoy holidays all together though this will be the couple’s first child mandy said playing a mom of triplets across multiple spans of time has prepared her for what’s to come it’s funny i mean having played a sort of matriarch of a family for the last five years and getting to sort of see children at various different chapters and stages i feel

like i’m as pseudo prepared as i can be you know i’ve had babies and toddlers and i have adult children so i’ve kind of gotten like a pretty good taste and lay of the land congrats to the soon to be family of three

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