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Madison grad joins college baseball staff

Madison grad joins college baseball staff

Madison grad, Patrick Murphy has joined the baseball staff at Bluefield College for their upcoming season. In his first role as an assistant coach he is looking forward to working with both players and coaching experience from a previous school year in West Virginia.

Madison grad joins college baseball staff Madison graduate, Patric Murphey has joined the baseball team’s coaching staff this spring semester at Bluefield College where he will be assisting two head coaches on all aspects of running practices and games throughout the regular season schedule while also being involved in recruiting new talent during recruit weekends for up coming fall seasons which take place every March through April time frame annually here locally within Southern WV region . During last summer previously I had been attending my alma mater by living back home

Madison High’s Director of Baseball Operations, Chris Heidorn has joined the University of Denver as an Assistant Coach. Since graduating with a degree in sociology from UMD, he has been Head Varsity coach at Chaparral HS and now is also studying for his master’s degree.
While joining the staff will be exciting for him because it means working with former teammates on new challenges every day;
he says that this career move was driven by his desire to improve himself both personally and professionally while doing what he loves most- coaching baseball

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