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Madison Cawthorn becomes youngest person elected to Congress

Madison Cawthorn becomes youngest person elected to Congress

well he rose to national prominence with his stunning primary win back in june and then gained national attention at this summer’s republican convention now 25-year-old madison cawthorne winning the north carolina race to fill mark meadows former seat becoming the youngest member of congress there he is standing for the flag at the rnc joining us now on the heels of his very busy exciting night north carolina republican congressman-elect madison cawthorne good

morning to you ainsley good morning and what an incredible morning for the entire country uh you know it’s it’s such a question of who’s going to be the president i i believe it’s going to be donald trump i’m so just i can’t express my emotions that i’m feeling right now well first we’ll start with you and your race what time did you find out last night and what

what’s uh what are your thoughts this morning we actually got to find out very early i was surrounded by family volunteers friends we had a really big a celebration party that was out outside but backstage it was just probably you know my 50 closest friends and family members in the world and politico called it first right around 9 30. so you know

first thing we did is we bought our heads gave all the glory to the lord and then we uh we just started celebrating it’s been a what a whirlwind what a ride and what an honor you know madison i’m so proud of you you were in the car accident and you lost the the use of your legs we saw you standing up for the flag and getting out of the wheelchair which is so special and very emotional you got engaged though you’re getting married next summer you’ll be a part of congress next

year so things really have worked out for you and we’re so happy about that the congressional seat was vacated by mark meadows and that was not planned either in your life and when he vacated the seat to go become the chief of staff at the white house that was an opportunity for you why did you want this so badly well because i believe it’s time for a new republican party to rise you know i don’t think we just need to have a bigger tent i genuinely believe we need to have a

bolder tent you know i think that for too long the republicans have acted with timidity on issues where we should be leading and so i’m looking forward to having a republican party that can lead on issues that can they can bring people of all all races religions and creeds together to work for a better america that’s what i think the future is about it’s about

people who love freedom people who love liberty and are willing to work together to acquire it well i know mark meadows called you last night to congratulate you i want to hear about that conversation and real quickly tell us what you want to do in dc yeah it was great i got to start the congressman our former congressman meadows and debbie meadows they’re

incredible um they were both mentors of mine growing up they were debate coaches of mine as well so it was it was great to be able to hear them and have them talk to me they shaped a lot of my values so it was a real treat that’s great what are your priorities in washington uh well you know i think that’s there’s a two two a twofold effect there one when it comes to policy i really want to lead on health care i’d love to be the face or be the real advocate and catalyst for health care reform

on the side of the republicans you know it’s something that i would care very much about myself i really think we need to deregulate that market significa significantly but i also believe there’s a cultural battle to fight as well the you know the the political divide we see in our country ainslie right now is something that is really sad you know there’s so many

americans that just hate one another because of a d or an r beside their name whereas you know i know it’s been said often but let’s just come together as americans rather than as republicans or as democrats and so healing that partisan divide will be a major priority of mine i think that’s a priority for all of us so go and do that please madison our country

needs that one word answer will president trump win in north carolina yes he will he will win north carolina i’ve got anecdotal and empirical evidence to back that up but i genuinely believe he will will we know today i can’t answer that that is uh that’s up to the state board of elections that’s uh that’s that’s a question that’s uh i’ve been focused on western

north carolina and the people in these mountains and those people i love and i will represent them well but i can’t speak for the rest of the state today all right madison congratulations thank you so much ainsley have a great morning you’re welcome

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