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Macklemore becomes a dad for third time to baby boy

Macklemore becomes a dad for third time to baby boy

The Seattle-based rapper Macklemore hit the scene in 2009 with his debut album “The Residents” and quickly became one of America’s favorite hip hop artists. His success continued when he collaborated with other musical greats like Kendrick Lamar on 2015 single “Dance Off.”

Seattle-based rapper, Macklemore has become a dad for the third time. His wife Kelly O’Donnell gave birth to their son on Thursday morning in Los Angeles where they reside now with her parents recently after having lived together in Denver before that
The proud father took to Instagram earlier today (July 26) by posting this picture showing them both holding up one finger while wearing shirts emblazoned with “3” written across it which stands not only as confirmation of an addition into their family but also signifies how much happier these two are over being able go forward knowing there will always be someone waiting at home willing and ready when needed most


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