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Lindsey Graham joins ‘Hannity’ for reaction following Barrett’s confirmation

Lindsey Graham joins ‘Hannity’ for reaction following Barrett’s confirmation

but first joining us now he guided the whole process as promised senate judiciary committee chairman uh Lindsey Graham is with us well I did notice a little bit of a tempeh tantrum and there are a lot of threats going on about packing the court and ending the legislative filibuster and amnesty and a lot of power grabs not easy well the internet’s melting down I mean there is an absolute desire to take me out Lindsey graham.com i need your help now more than ever but to the American people you’re the biggest winner tonight you have a constitutional conservative woman who understands the difference between my job and being a judge she’s one of the most highly educated people ever to go on the court she’s not from Harvard she’s not from yale she is a normal person she’s going to do an awesome job

conservative women

thank you president trump but the big winner tonight is conservative women to all those conservative women who go through hell for being conservative who gets beat up by the mainstream media for embracing your faith being pro-life being traditional in your family structure you’re a winner tonight there’s a seat at the table for you this is not a glass ceiling being broken this is a concrete barrier being broken amy Barrett represents every aspiration of a young conservative woman she’s going to do awesome I cannot wait for her to be on the supreme court tomorrow in many ways i suspect I’ve been watching this whole process and we all saw what happened with with


now justice Kavanaugh that the democrats had not been so close to a little an election would have smeared slandered besmirched and they would have they would do what they did to Kavanagh or would have done and justice Thomas who will administer the oath tonight and what they did to Robert bork if they could they would have but instead I want to get your take on this we’re going to pack the courts everything’s on the table and the legislative filibuster d.c Puerto Rico statehood full-on amnesty I assume something of value they would appreciate votes and future elections that to me now talk speaks of one-party rule and they’ll do it your thoughts they’re going to do it now the only reason they won’t do it is if the American people stop them we must maintain control of the united states senate

senator Kennedy

you got Joanie Ernst on the ballot from iowa you’ve got Martha mcsally two great conservative women you got Susan Collins who’s been just a terrific senator for Maine helped judge Kavanaugh helped us with the tax cuts so help all of us we cannot turn over the entire government to this radical left Schumer’s speech tonight was disgusting uh he’s the guy that started the filibuster with bush 43 he’s the guy along with senator Kennedy who declared war on all things conservative it’s a let it’s Kavanaugh it’s Thomas it’s fork it’s not the process they tried to destroy judge cavanaugh’s life amy Barrett is probably a beneficiary from the Kavanaugh hearings it blew up in their face the American people hated what they did to Kavanaugh so I think they were more respectful to judge Barrett but

let me just say this the internet is on fire tonight foul they are raising money like crazy to take back the senate and beat president trump help me help everybody I just named lindseygram.com these people want it men my opponents raised 109 million dollars the most in the united states history of the united states senate let’s all fight back together but let’s celebrate tonight president trump you put three great conservative justices on the court is so pivotal in the first term conservatives need to understand what what court packing would mean what dc Puerto Rico statehood would mean oh my god what what all of these paragraphs by the way we’ve been given the one minute

the white house swearing in of amy coney barrett the swearing-in will be done by justice clarence Thomas um by the way if you’ve never read his book my grandfather’s son is a great book i still tell everybody all the time, yeah but all of this higher taxes amnesty when i say this is the tipping point of all tipping point elections you’re right it’s your race it’s Tillis it’s Joni Ernst it’s Martha mesally it’s Corey Gardner it’s Purdue it is mitch McConnell uh you know all of us even Susan Collison disagreed with on this vote it is all in the balance because they will do this what would that mean to the country okay number one they’re going to take the number nine and expand it to probably 13 to wipe out the conservative majority they’ll pack it with liberals that means the court loses its independence they’ll do away with the legislative filibuster they’re going to do away with the electoral college which means

new york and California

new york and California pick the president in perpetuity Iowa south Carolina and Arizona won’t count anymore they’re going to have open borders and free health care for illegal immigrants all of them raise their hand they will turn this country from a free enterprise nation to a socialist nation from a law and order nation to chaos they will reward the most radical agenda in the history of the country that’s trying to take us all out now we got a chance here to make history can you imagine four more years music means uh the first lady is just uh the big guy they’re playing uh that music that means the president is entering let’s go live to the swearing-in ceremony

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