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Legacy Foundation gift of $3 million will enhance community health

Legacy Foundation gift of $3 million will enhance community health

The goal of the Legacy Foundation is to make an impact on community health. Their aim was achieved with their recent gift of $3 million that will go towards outreach programs in high-risk communities, disease screenings, and preventative care.

The goal for The Legacy Foundation was met when they donated 3 million dollars toward outreach programs in highly at-risk communities, which screens people for diseases or provides them preventive measures before things start getting worse.

The Legacy Foundation has gifted a generous sum of $3 million to enhance the well-being and health conditions in our community. The gift will go towards funding research, scholarships for students who are pursuing careers related to public health education, as well as support various other programs that aim at improving people’s lives.

The legacy foundation continues its good work by gifting away 3 million dollars into several different initiatives which include expanding their scholarship program through UNT Health Science Center with 500k dollars going straight there while 1$ goes to expand medical outreach efforts from US army reserve medics where they donate time free off duty hours along with equipment or travel expenses so we can operate local clinics around Lubbock county.

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