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Laura Ingraham: ‘Scranton Joe’ fooled millions of voters

Laura Ingraham: ‘Scranton Joe’ fooled millions of voters

the great american sellout that’s the focus of tonight’s angle during the long covid interrupted campaign of 2020 americans heard a lot about this guy joe from scranton he sees the world from park avenue i’d see it from scranton who’s looking out for the average person out there people i grew up with in scranton that’s a lesson i’ve never forgotten when i

grew up surrounded by a lot of hard-working folks in scranton pennsylvania sadly millions of voters took him at his word because they didn’t know about his nearly five decades in office pushing all these policies that are very pleasing to big business and in bipartisan establishment figures these are policies that ended up robbing hardworking americans of their

wealth and their opportunities biden’s family meanwhile raked in the doe trading on his name and his political position at home and abroad of course the media didn’t care i can’t care about reporting any of this because the media is corrupt to blow the lid on joe would mean blowing the lid on themselves for their complicit silence through all these years despite

of course they care so much about the little people too the media well the worst thing about all of this is that for his entire career and especially during the past few years joe put on a big show he’s claiming to be the guy who cared so much about the middle class there will be no government contracts given out on my watch that don’t make all of the products here in

america millions of new high-paying union jobs i’m sick of the wealthy guys gaming the system the power to change this country is in your hands in your hands your hands well of course the rejoinder to all of that was and is so why didn’t you do any of this in the last 47 years or at least let’s say in the eight years that you were vice president and come on should

joe actually assume the presidency don’t expect the press to do its job at holding him to his word on any of these made in america promises they know their lies they know they’re all lies and they’re designed to placate the working class and older americans who just a few years earlier had voted for trump well the fact is right now biden plans to reverse nearly

all of the president’s hard-won successes for working-class americans most importantly trump’s successes on trade and immigration today we learned that biden has stacked his department of homeland security transition team with radical

open borders fanatics for instance the head of the agency review group is orjadou former chief counsel at the u.s citizenship and immigration services under obama she currently heads an activist group that calls for putting 11 million undocumented americans on a path to full citizenship and if you thought such a sweeping change to america would just require actual legislation passed through both houses of congress so there could be compromise and and work between the parties well key biden allies just don’t see it that way extend the olive branch let them know what your programs are

ask them to join and if they don’t then let’s go with the executive order i used to say that to barack obama all the time and i’m saying that here executive orders that’s what he’s talking about well a blanket amnesty would in and of itself become a

magnet for millions of additional illegals to make the dangerous trek here and that would guarantee that wages would be depressed and opportunities lost for legal immigrants and entry-level american workers that’s how that’s how it always plays out but biden’s plan for mass wage theft goes even further than this earlier this week cbs news got a hold of biden’s

immigration plans now aside from mass amnesty that’s bad enough here are the big goals he’s going to halt deportations for 100 days upon taking office and figure out then i guess how to avoid deporting as many illegals as possible by narrowing the scope of any enforcement in the future biden will also end the incredibly successful remain in mexico policy for those who cross our southern border seeking asylum now he’s also going to rip up agreements trump hashed

out with guatemala el salvador and honduras to take in those rejected asylum seekers biden will raise the cap on refugees as well so right now we take in about 15 000 a year from all across the globe he’s going to raise it to 125 000 annually and he’s also going to eliminate the travel restrictions on people coming from terrorist hotbeds that trump put into place

years ago now every one of these actions are going to lead to a more either a more dangerous america or lower wages for working class americans including as i said immigrants and minorities who obey the laws just want to earn a decent wage for a hard day’s work biden’s wealthy backers though they believe that honest americans must always sacrifice and never

complain don’t you dare complain about welcoming in more illegal immigrants into the country now remember big tech was livid when donald trump put a freeze on what are called h-1b visas back in june they what what trump wanted to do was protect american tech jobs instead of allowing a flood of foreign tech workers into the country but biden remember he doesn’t care about protecting american tech workers jobs streamlining naturalization process make it easier for

qualified green card holders to move through the uh his backlog and by the way he just indicated he ended h-1b visas the rest of this year that will not be in my administration they the people on the company fees have built this country so massive unemployment under joe’s future lockdowns and more people coming in for fewer jobs that’s great but of course

with joe things always get worse raise your hand if governor if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants [Applause] i love the hand raises free health care for people who break the law and the taxes of legal workers will be raised to pay for it all biden’s great american sellout is just as bad by the way in the foreign policy

realm he is a national security team that is basically uninterested in the whole national part of its duties a former trump pentagon official tells politico biden is aiming to build an effective bipartisan defense department leadership team reaching out to more former officials who were appointed by jim mattis to talk about the transition and potentially

serving now let me translate that into plain english basically the neocons are going to retake control of our foreign policy unless trump actually pulls all of our troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year troops are going to be stuck there for four more years trump’s refusal to go along with the military-industrial complex is why the troops love him but the

top military brass and the defense contractors not so much case in point jim jeffrey the outgoing special envoy to syria just today boasted that he and other military leaders flagrantly lied to the president and misled the public to keep boots on the ground in syria after trump said we’re coming home now it’s outrageous and it’s disgusting that career officials

would put american soldiers in harm’s way for their own personal goals or political views and by the way these are goals and views that the voters rejected when they elected trump in 2016. they wanted out of these wars but not surprisingly the media celebrated this flagrant dereliction of duty abuse disobedience whatever you want to call it yet president trump look he’s still fighting for americans today he angered biden’s campaign bundlers with an executive order banning u.s

investment in companies controlled by the chinese military this current presidential vote tally doesn’t mean that america endorses though biden’s open borders pro-war idiocy have to understand that think about it this way the gop cleaned up in state legislatures they flipped it what at least 10 house seats didn’t lose in a single incumbency and if he wins this

upcoming runoff to both runoffs in georgia we’re going to have a strong bulwark against the left’s extreme agenda and tomorrow we’re going to see that america first energy on full display when trump supporters apparently from across the country descend on dc to demand accountability and transparency about this contested election remember four years ago

the media hailed the women’s march as a repudiation of trump’s election so will the media provide the same type of narrative this weekend the resistance has a new face and this time they’re resisting joe biden his handlers his donors and all their efforts to sell out america and that’s the angle

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