Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Dream Job If She Wasn’t Already Famous

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Dream Job If She Wasn't Already Famous

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Dream Job If She Wasn’t Already Famous

kylie jenner revealed what she wants to be when she grows up you know if she wasn’t already a billionaire and had over 200 million followers on instagram in a new youtube vlog the reality star shared with fans what her dream job would be in an alternate universe and it wasn’t all that surprising okay i get it like you would be my kind of makeup artist or you would be like i would want to be a celebrity maker this is if you weren’t kylie jenner if i wasn’t getting there you would

want to be me yeah i want to meet you yeah for you yeah got it the 23 year old is already considered to be a makeup guru not only does she have a super popular makeup line but she also kills it when she does her own makeup so it makes sense i guess maybe a painter but like i’m not the best painter you know i’m more of a sketcher i love that for you we should just

do this on the side i should be a makeup writer on the side like i kind of man because i do everyone’s makeup and i live out my dreams just last month kylie enlisted the help of her mom kris jenner to switch up her look in a new tutorial on kylie’s youtube channel and despite chris’s decades of experience perfecting her own face kylie admitted that she didn’t

exactly have confidence that those cosmetic skills would work on her oh my mommy is here today to do my makeup not that you weren’t good at makeup you’re just not my vibe you’re a whole different vibe yeah I’m gonna bring back the 80s so i want to see what does that mean I’m terrible bringing back the 80s you just sit back and relax kylie had to give

the famous momager a helping hand when perfecting her brows and lashes but things definitely took a turn when Chris chose a bold lip color which she even had to confess didn’t quite turn out as she imagined um do you want to fix it for me a little no okay though the process faces up and down kylie ended up signing off on the final results

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