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Kylie Jenner Reacts To Noah Centineo Dating Her Best Friend

Kylie Jenner Reacts To Noah Centineo Dating Her Best Friend

we have kylie jenner’s reaction to the two dating plus a new report explains why travis scott really deleted his instagram hey guys it’s ally for hollywoodlife with your car gender roundups also once again make sure you go out and vote today now let’s start this video off with travis scott who was getting la flamed over the weekend for his halloween costume for those out of the loop travis showed off an incredible brown color-toned batman suit however a ton of fans mocked the

outfit saying he looked like a cockroach or the flea from muchalucha in no time travis deleted his instagram however page six reports that the rapper did not get rid of his account over the trolling comments according to the outlet he took it down temporarily to focus on his family and his daughter stormy the source is adamant that travis just wanted to step away from the app and take a break i mean i for one thought it was a cool costume but all right switching gears to kylie

jenner and noah centeno now and also stacey so yeah several days ago stasi and noah seemed to be getting cozy during a night out with friends this sparked dating rumors and now e news has a report on kylie’s reaction on the two dating according to the site stasia noah have been consistently hanging out for about a month now and are official the two ended up connecting and having chemistry after working on a mutual friend’s film project a source claims their chemistry is

undeniable and they’re really into each other apparently stasi has introduced him to all of her friends including kylie kylie thinks dassi and noah are cute together and all of her friends do love him it’s always good when the best friend approves you

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